- Registry Backup v1.5.0 Released
Posted on: 12/21/2012 11:47 PM - Registry Backup v1.5.0 Released

Per user request I added a new option to the auto delete old backups. You can now set it to always keep a minimum amount of backups. Example: A user has their system off and is gone for a while, when they come back and run the reg backup it would remove all the old backups, since the user was gone for a while all old backups were removed. With this new option it wont remove all the backups.
Fix bug where if the program had trouble pulling the system info it would load the tree view incorrectly and thus not backup those files. This is now fixed.
Changed the way the program closes itself. On a few systems after the backup was complete and the program closes itself it would randomly crash. Hopefully this new close down process will fix that.
Multiple code changes and improvements.

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