- Registry Backup v1.6.5 Released
Posted on: 08/31/2013 03:23 AM - Registry Backup v1.6.5 Released

Tree view can now show Unicode characters.
The program now pulls the Windows version number from the API instead of WMI. If WMI was corrupt on the system it couldn't pull the version of Windows, with the API call instead this is no longer a problem. The version number is used so the program knows which of its vss tools to run.
Fixed bug where if you choose to backup using the fallback method, and then turned it off right after, the program would still use the fall back method until you restarted the program. This has now been fixed.
Multiple UI changes.
A lot of code updates and tweaks.
Fix a bug where you couldn't create a schedule in the task scheduler on Windows XP & 2003 64 Bit.

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