- Registry Backup v1.6.7 Released
Posted on: 07/20/2018 01:40 AM - Registry Backup v1.6.7 Released

Fixed bug where DEP on a system would cause the program to crash. This was because of a custom Unicode label control I was using. I removed that custom control and the program no longer crashes on DEP enabled systems.
Code changes, in the last version 1.6.5 I had moved the task scheduler code from the pcwintech_tasksch.dll to the exe instead. With the goal of having one less file. But when I did that 11 antivirus programs on flagged the exe as a "GEN" or generic virus. While I could have simply submitted the exe to each of them and had them fix their definitions I instead moved the code back to the dll. The exe is no longer being flagged by those programs.

The following 3 programs have had their setups and portable version updated with the new registry backup version. Their versions are still the same.

Windows Repair (All In One)

Advanced System Tweaker

Simple System Tweaker

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