- Windows Repair (All in One) v1.9.8 Released
Posted on: 07/20/2018 01:40 AM - Windows Repair (All in One) v1.9.8 Released.

Changed the "Set Windows Services To Default Startup" repair to pull the services startup from a text file in the files folder instead of being hard coded. This will let users tweak this repair if they wish.

The program will now keep Windows from going into sleep mode or hibernation when repairs are running.

Added new repair "Repair Print Spooler"

Added "Time Elapsed" to the repair Window, so now users can see how long the repairs have been running.

Add new settings tab to the main window.

Under the new settings tab you can now change the default location for the log files.

Changed the default location of the log files from the Windows drive to the Logs folder in the program folder.

Added new repair "Restore Important Windows Services", this repair will replace all the services that the other repairs do. And as time goes I will add more services to this repair.

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