- Windows Repair (All in One) v2.5.0 Released
Posted on: 07/20/2018 01:40 AM - Windows Repair (All in One) v2.5.0 Released.

The "Reset File Permissions" Repair has been totally redone. The old way the program would run a bat file for each folder on the root of the drive. So if you had 100 folders on the root of the drive it would run 100 bat files in order to set the permissions on each folder. This was done so the program could skip certain folders. The repair now does the whole drive in just 1 bat file, making things much faster for this repair.

Also added a exclude list option to the "Reset File Permissions" Repair. This new excluded list will allow power users to tweak the repair and have it skip certain folders or files. This new option was what made it possible to streamline the repair. 2 new files where added to the files folder file_permissions_excludes.txt and file_permissions_profiles_excludes.txt.

Updated the "Repair WMI" to skip the system volume information folder when looking for wmi files to add back. Normally this wasn't a problem but if for some reason a user had taken ownership over the system volume folder then the program had access to it and then the WMI repair would loop through the restore points, which we don't want.

The "Set Windows Services To Default Startup" has been redone as well. Before it pulled what services to set from the services_startup.txt file in the files folder. With Windows having so many different services for each version of Windows I have now made the repair pull from a txt file based on what version of Windows the user is on. This now gives even more control to power users and also makes the repair better suited for each version of Windows. 5 new files have been added to the files folder services_startup_xp.txt, services_startup_vista.txt, services_startup_7.txt, services_startup_8.txt, services_startup_8.1.txt.

To help make the "Set Windows Services To Default Startup" even better I installed a fresh copy of Windows XP Pro SP3, Vista Ultimate SP2, 7 Ultimate SP1 , 8 Pro and 8.1 Pro with nothing added to them but their default installs and pulled all the service startup information for every single service. The repair now sets more services than ever and as of right now every known service default in each version of Windows.

Multiple other code changes and improvements.

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