- Windows Repair v3.4.2 Released
Posted on: 07/19/2018 09:41 PM - Windows Repair v3.4.2 Released.

Bug fix, setacl (Used to set permissions) would crash on certain machines. This has hopefully been fixed. I was able to replicate the crash under certain conditions and so was able to find the cause and fix it. Will wait and hear back from users if there are any conditions I missed.

Bug fix, you could only run the repairs once in safe mode, you would have to close the program and reopen it to run them again. This has now been fixed.

Bug fix, the pre-scan tool and Reparse Point Tool would incorrectly started some bad points. This has now been fixed.

Bug fix, while their default permissions where being applied there was a bug keeping the default inheritance being applied. This has now been fixed.

Bug fix, the program wasn't remembering the setting for the drive read max value set by the user in the settings.

Greatly improved the permissions repairs, including making the files fewer, smaller and faster. While tracing down a problem with permissions and windows 10, such as the network taking a long time to come up, network and sharing center freezing and a grey blinking screen, which you couldn't get to the desktop other than safe mode. I was able to trace it to permissions and I have streamlined them and redid how they are done and found what was causing it. Now, not only do the permissions not cause this problem on Windows 10, it even fixed the machine that had the trouble. Meaning the permission repairs should do better now than they ever have.

All default permissions for 7, 8 and 10 have all been updated after the windows updates where done for the patch Tuesday of this month (Aug. 2015)

The program now disables Quick Edit mode for the cmd.exe window. What would happen is when quick edit was enabled and you clicked into the cmd.exe window it would pause the script until you clicked enter. This would make the repair never finish if the user didn't realize they did that and the repair was paused. By having quick edit turned off it will keep it from happening. The program will remember if quick mode was enabled when it started and will put it back to enabled when the repairs are done.

The program now only selects the windows drive for the file permissions when you click on defaults.

Multiple code improvements.

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