- Windows Repair v3.5.1 And - Registry Backup v3.2.2 Released
Posted on: 07/19/2018 09:41 PM - Windows Repair v3.5.1 And - Registry Backup v3.2.2 Released - Windows Repair v3.5.1

Updated - ManageACL to v1.0.1 - Code cleanup and tweaks, improved the progress text during setting permissions and much more.

Updated Repair Windows App Store - Added new commands to repair that App Store for both Windows 8 & 10.

Updated "Reset Service Permissions" - The repair now lists the service it is currently on so that users can see if it is working and moving forward. The repair also now creates a log file of any errors it might encounter.

Updated "Set Windows Services To Default Startup" - The program normally set the service NetLogon to Auto. NetLogon is required when you are part of a domain. When you are not part of a domain the service will stop itself and make a entry in the event viewer. To keep the event viewer from having junk entries, the program will now check if the computer is part of a domain, if it isn't it will set NetLogon to manual instead of auto.

Fixed bug where "Repair Windows App Store" wouldn't work in Safe mode (A needed service wasn't getting enabled) so the repair wasn't able to run.

Removed 2 commands from the "Repair Network".
While almost every machine I have ran this repair on has never had any trouble, I have had a handful of users report their network stops working after (Normally wireless).
Until I can connect to one of the users to dig in and find out what is different on their machines, the following two commands have been removed:
Removal of "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Network" and then the "Config" value. This is a normal repair as Windows rebuilds the config after a reboot.
Removal of "HKCR\CLSID\{988248f3-a1ad-49bf-9170-676cbbc36ba3}" this is a known fix for Windows 10 not having working wireless after an upgrade. Caused by a bad vpn driver.
Until I can pinpoint the unknown variables causing the problem for these few machines, these commands will be removed until I can make sure they are 100% safe to use.

Multiple code changes and improvements through multiple sections of the program.

Updated - Registry Backup to v3.2.2 - Registry Backup v3.2.2

Bug Fix: Fixed bug where when deleting a backup the program would still sometimes display the backup that was removed on the restore tab. Also the backup folder wouldn't be completely removed till the program closed. This was due to the fact that a open handle was still open on the folder. The program now closes all the handles properly, keeping this bug from happening.

Improved the code to not show deleted backups. In case there is a open handle on one of the backups from another application, the program will no longer show empty backups.

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