- Windows Repair v3.5.0 And - Registry Backup v3.2.1 Released
Posted on: 07/19/2018 09:41 PM - Windows Repair v3.5.0 And - Registry Backup v3.2.1 Released - Windows Repair v3.5.0

Major update and major bug fix. The 3rd party program used to set permissions had to many bugs, such as it would crash at random times and didn't set permissions correctly like it was suppose to or would even corrupt them.
So the program has been replaced with one that I have written. Now the default permissions are put back exactly as they should be, including being in the right order.
This in turn also fixes known bugs with Windows 10 and the start menu not showing program icons or the right click menu not having any options in the start menu. Now with the default permissions being applied correctly these Windows 10 bugs are repaired.

Log files are now able to be created of any errors from setting permissions.

The new set permissions tool now has a progress indicator so now users can see it working, including the speed of how many items it is setting per minute.

Multiple code changes and some small bug fixes in the program with the changing of the permissions program.

Removed the "Everyone" group from the permissions repairs (Unless it is part of any of the defaults). It use to be set with full access to fix odd bugs. but it was a security hole as on some systems you can enable an anonymous user to be part of the everyone group, and thus have full access.

Added new registry permissions exclude list.

Updated - Registry Backup to v3.2.1 - Registry Backup v3.2.1

Fixed a bug where the restore bat file was empty on Windows 10 machines. You would think If OSVersion >= 6 then do it, but noooo!

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