- Windows Repair v3.6.1 And - Registry Backup v3.3.1 Released
Posted on: 07/19/2018 09:41 PM - Windows Repair v3.6.1 And - Registry Backup v3.3.1 Released - Windows Repair v3.6.1

Fixed a bug where on some systems that where on a domain the program wasn't able to pull the domain name properly. This was due to a bug with the call to get the domain name from Windows. When called the first time Windows reports it back as blank. If a 2nd call is made the domain name is returned. Instead of doing it this way I have changed the code that pulls to domain name to an API call to windows to return the dns domain name. This also is much faster than the old call.

Updated tab control to v2, you can now mouse scroll the tabs and performance improvements over the v1 controls.

Multiple small code changes and tweaks.

Updated - Registry Backup v3.3.1 - Registry Backup v3.3.1

Fixed bug where the program would crash on some machines running Windows server 2008 or 2012. I wasn't able to replicate the crash and it ran fine for me on those versions of Windows, but for the users who reported the problem something was different. Traced it down to the subclassing dll I use for the mouse events in the controls. By using the old version of the subclass dll the crash was gone and everything worked as it should.

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