- Windows Repair v3.9.21 Released
Posted on: 07/20/2018 01:41 AM - Windows Repair v3.9.21 Released.

Complete redo of the registry and file permissions repairs on 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. These two repairs would normally go and set owner and permissions on all registry, file and folders on the system, then go and set the default permissions on the default items on a system.
This had pros and cons. A pro was that permissions that might be messed up on something not normally in windows would get fixed, a con is some things not part of windows that don't like their permissions touched would break. Windows 10 is also extremely fragile to what permissions are set to.
The program also had to set the owner first to make sure it had permission to restore the defaults, it now sets the owner only on the items that are being restore to default and not to anything else on the system.
This speeds up the two repairs dramatically and also makes administrators happy since any locked down items wont be touched.

Do to the new change of the file permissions, on windows 7 and newer no drive letters will show under the repair as it now only sets the permissions for the defaults and nothing else.

Updated ManageACL_32 and ManageACL_64 to v1.7.0

Multiple small bug fixes and code changes.

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