Windows Repair (All in One) & Simple Performance Boost (No longer Beta) updates released.
Posted on: 07/20/2018 01:40 AM - Windows Repair (All in One) v1.1.0

Change Log
Major changes to how the program launches the repairs. It now shows the command window doing the repair in the task bar. Also should work better with the UAC enabled and running the commands as administrator. This will also keep the program from not responding during repairs.
Updated the file permissions repair to include everyone and users full rights. It use to do just Administrators & System. But on some machines they needed more to get things working right again. This should fix that.
Replaced some of the controls in the program so the program & zip file is smaller in size. - Simple Performance Boost v1.0.0

Change Log
No Longer in beta and is officially released.
Minor changes tot he way the program runs the service tweak tools.

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