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Hi Shane.
Sorry for the late reply.

When I saw your reply I had received the update of the .NET Framework 4, then another update came along,
and the next thing I knew I had Internet Explorer 11 and Remote ..something.
My graphics driver installed but tried to install NET Framework 4 Client Profile 4.0.30319 and it did not work, was reduced back to 4.

So I started thinking about Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1, and ran the .net removal tool again.
Same results so I downloaded the SubInACL utility and still the parts will not uninstall. See attached log.

I gave up and got the updates last night from Windows Updates as it installed The Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile 4.0.30319
I cannot use internet explorer 8 or 9, IFRAME errors. Had to install Chrome. That is working okay.
Also I have not been able to go to Control Panel, System and Security, and See the name on this computer or the Ram or Index link without the Control Panel
collapsing... ? 
*Please advise what to do about Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5..

Also ran the dotnet.exe and see attached text.
Found a MigWiz debug.log don't know what that is but the MigWiz
folder was blue so I thought I would include it.


Hi Shane.
I ran the removal tool a few times, (wasn't sure if I should click exit then restart, or just restart..)
The first time I found everything gone off my desktop, and found I had two desktop folders.  Gone now.. Back to one..
although if I show all hidden folders I see a appdata folder on my desktop..
Anyways called for updates and no framework.
What next?

See attached logs.


Hi Shane.
Okay... This looks a bit..stressful.
Probably uninstall skype, security esssentials, (ATI Install Manager?)..etc first....then I will just download (one of the two cleanup tools listed), and run it,
(I really work better with detailed instructions..), then install .net fresh from..the dvd I made??? Like redo the whole repair?
Please advise further instructions..
Thanks I think.. :undecided:


Hi Shane.
I think I missed a step or something.
Today I have had 3 notices on my desktop screen.
"Windows 7 Build 7601
This copy of Windows is not genuine"

Yet when I look at Control Panel-System and Security and System- 
it takes about a minute and says Windows is activated
Product ID: ......OEM..........

Is there a different type of activation I missed or was I suppose to
do some official validation? Did I download Security Essentials too fast?
I used the Product Key from Speccy.
What do I do now?


Everything Else / Re: Speccy crashes
« on: November 02, 2013, 09:01:59 pm »
Portable Speccy worked on the 4th or 5th try from my flashdrive. 
I will have to try the installer soon.

Hi Shane.
1. The ATI auto detect tool keep crashing (Could not connect to the server: Could not parse error.)
   Downloaded the one from MFG "ATI -Catalist Install Manager' which turns out to be the same one I had previously.
   (The driver versions inside is what I get a little confused about) See pic.

2. All the updates went better than normal!

3. Also the monitor still will not wake up with mouse or keyboard. (I think the power setting "balanced" is the
   same as when we first bought the computer so we never thought to change it to anything else.) If there is a simplier way
   to set it to make it work, please advice.  (We never had any problems like this with Vista).

4. I took bios pics please see attached. Maybe something is off when it should be on...?

5. I ran Speccy Portable, from my flashdrive and have a good reading, and have one complete Speccy
   from before I started having any monitor waking up problems, if you would want do a comparision let me know.

6. Still have a lock on my user folder! The only thing that comes to mind regarding that is the last AV I had. 
   Something Willy2 said in his last post to me had me thinking to run the removal tool again, (actually ran it about 6 times minimum) just
   before the big repair.Attaching a copy of the last result.

7. Last.I did a test to tell which version of .NET Framework I have on My Computer from this site:
    as I was a little concerned about the upgrade error "Setup has detected that the .NET Framework version 4 needs to be repaired. 
    Do not restart your computer until Setup is complete.", as far as I can tell it was repaired but upgrade never said repair completed ,
    only to restart,  so I attached the pic and a note of the results I copied.  In Services none of the frameworks will run I get the started and
    then stopped if they are not in use error..maybe this is normal? ? Shane?

Please advise where to go from here.


p.s.  if anyone knows of a free picture resizer other than paint please let me know!  Thanks!  :smiley:

Hello Shane.

I made it!!  That was a little tough on the nerves!!
At the end it said "Setup has detected that the .NET Framework Version 4 needs to be repaired. Do not turn off your that goes on a bit then Windows Update comes a long and wants to install .. and it installs....and finally the Frameworks says to restart...finished.  No more after that.

Had to uninstall my 1. ATI Catalist Install Manager 2. ATI Catalist Control Center  and there was only one ATI anything
in the add and remove programs, control panel..that it was my OEM Driver "AMD Chipset Generic Driver". 
I am guessing I just go to the OEM site and download latest driver..?  Please advie.

2. Under Device Manger it shows I am missing three drivers Other Devices: ..(code 28)  1 - SM Bus Controller and 2 - two Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controllers.
Also shows I have two mice... locations 1 and 4 and 1 keyboard location 1.  All alllowed to wake up the computer.  Do I uninstall the mouse at location 1?
I am guessing the Bus ..drivers are related to the ATI device? Please advice.

3.  I reset the power options back to defaults.  My setting is Balanced, Turn off the display 10 minutes, put the computer to sleep 30 minutes.
When I press the power button - shut down. When I press the sleep button -sleep.
Q: For a desktop windows 7 64-bit what is the "normal" setting so that the mouse and keyboard wake the monitor and pc..?

4. I am about to do the clean up.. then update.  Also there is still 226 security cataloge files in dir0000.chk can I delete them?

5. I will wait for your reply on what to do next with most everything above.

It is very strange to be on Internet Explorer 8.


Everything Else / Speccy crashes
« on: October 29, 2013, 04:11:59 am »
Willy 2, and anyone else.
I seen your postings in Piniform tonight, I did not expect to see you so soon again on another site!!  That was kind of cool!
Was not sure where to post this, so I thought by addressing Willy 2 it might help as well.
Speccy for nearly the last 2 month failed to install in my Windows 7 64-bit. I have been using it for nearly a year and even went back to a version I previously
used and still the same thing happened.
Thankfully I keep all the old speccy reports. 
Anyone have any ideas why this is happening yet? 
I couldn't find documentation only reports from others. 
I was thinking something I had before on my pc is no longer here that it needs to work, like maybe a certain framework..etc..


Hi Shane.
Before I answer all your questions, do I still need to answer them or where you able to do the repair install? The repair install should be rather simple to do. Don't let all the text overwhelm you :-)

A.  Yes please answer them. No was not able to do a repair install...because I was not sure what to do. 

All I can figure out is:
1. From the google site, download the one under the heading "Windows 7 (bootable) SP1" Windows 7 x64 Home Prem SP1 because we want it bootable...? Please advise.
2.  I am guessing imgburn..will write in 4x speed even if my dvd+R is 16x..?  The only dvd I have that is 4x is a dvd+RW.  Please advise.
3.  I am guessing it doesn't need unzippping because we will burn it to a dvd..? Please advise. 
4.  After that do I get just restart the pc with the dvd in hope it asks where to boot from or do I have to change anything in the Bios? Please advise.
5.  The part I feel the most worried about is the product key.  It says on sevenforums  "Then run the setup , uncheck the I want to help make Windows
     installation better  box, then Go online to get the latest updates, Check the I accept the license terms box, and click on Next, Click on the Upgrade option.
     Type in your Windows 7 product key number".  If the product key  Belarc and Speccy gave me is correct, it is NOT the same as on the side of the cpu, then
      everything is going to go through alright? Please advice!!!
6.  I understand some sort of clean up is after this ..please advise.

Please note if there are steps in this whole process, that are logical to you, that are left out of the above, then likely I will
miss them and mess up.   :smiley:
Therefore all help, advice and remember to's are very appreciated!!!



I was going to try a backup to flashdrive tonight, and I went into Control Panel, System and Security, Backup and Restore to turn on schedule etc.., this is after doing a good disc clean up earlier, and seen the Restore all Users files with shield on it, and thought why not..let's see what happens, because my backup attempts failed both times I tried via dvd... D drive is my DVD drive.. see attached pic..

There is nothing in my dvd player that backup should not exist.. and - Windows Repair (All in One) is on it...
What happened this like a shadow copy or something?


Hello Shane. 
Please note I was up all night and way into this morning reading all the links you gave me...feeling a lot overwelmed!
I really need last minute instructions please.

1. How do I disable security? I have Windows Defender disabled already and user account countrol turned all the way down.
1A. Do I need to backup preinstalled drivers?
1B. Will I need to update drivers after this?
1C. What do I do with all the Program - I mean do I uninstall it first before starting all this?
I just noticed that there is a previous version in backup 15/10/2013..must mean shadow copy as my backup failed..
1D. Whenever I do a factory restore, afterward,  my webcam software keeps getting preinstalled even though I uninstall it from
the control panel, delete the folders, and unplug it and uninstalll skype, this normal? Or is this an
invisible driver issue that I need to take care of first?

2.  Which .iso? So many...according to sevenforums it says.. it must be the same as what you have installed.
I have Windows 7 64-bit Acer with SP1 Does that mean I need an oem version?  The download site at very
confusing for OEM version. Yet sevenforums also says "You can do a repair install on a factory OEM installation with the
latest official Windows 7 with SP1 ISO"

2A. He also talks about a media refresh version - I am still not using "computer name-PC". 
Do I have to include the -PC no matter what?

2B. What I see is on the google site is Windows 7 64bit iso bootable..Is this the correct one?

3. For imgburn: Choose custom install and uncheck the boxes and all should be fine?
3A. Wouldn't Windows Disc Image Burner work just as good?
3B. or would this one  work just as good ?

4. What type of dvd do I use?
DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD-R, and DVD+RDL, is what I have on hand.
4A. Does it need to be speed specific?

5. According to sevenforums page..something about  7-zip am I suppose to unzip it..the .iso? before burning to dvd?

6. "You can only do a repair install from within Windows 7. " that implies not with a DVD this is confusing.. please advise.

7. Do I change the bios settings to boot from dvd drive? Like turn off the pc completely first then restart and boot into bios
because I have never changed the boot order that way before...maybe bootable means it will automatically boot from dvd???
Please advice.

8. "Then run the setup , uncheck the I want to help make Windows installation better box, then Go online to get the latest updates,
 Check the I accept the license terms box, and click on Next, Click on the Upgrade option. Type in your Windows 7 product key number".
A. Seriously???? The one on my CPU I can barely read!!!

"then Uncheck the Automatically activate Windows when I'm online box unchecked, then click on the Next button."
etc..then NOTE: "It is best to select Public location for the best security." 

B. Reallly??? So if all goes fine and nothing is missing then I have to run Disk Cleanup..a little concerned here,
will I be cleaning out all my oem stuff too?

"When done, all you will need to do is to activate Windows 7, and make sure that your security programs are enabled again"
C. Then I can download Security Essentials etc..?

9. Am I still going to have a partition left intact after all this???

10. If anyone is laughing at me excuse is "I am female and allowed to be clueless sometimes"!
Q: In C:\Windows\System32\oobe\Setup.exe
Is that just an oobe thing or is that my OEM Windows 7?

File Description: Windows Installation and Setup
File Version: 6.1.7601.17514
Product Name: Microsoft (circle with R inside) Windows (Circle with R inside) Operating System
Product Version: 6.1.7601.17514
Size 260 KB
Date Modified 22/11/2010
Language English (United States)
Original File Name SETUP.EXE
Before I get any last minute instructions I am including these:

Including copies of C:\Windows\System32\OEM\Preload.txt and UpdateSysprepMFU.txt, and C:\OEM\ eRyInstallerV4.log
you probably have seen all this before, if not it will help you to understand my pc's setup better and maybe help with others.

Last note: After reading more of other cases on the forum, I need to let you know
we had a lot of difficulty with Vista and Windows 7 trying to share the same network. 
Even though each pc is on a different cable they still share the modem and we had Windows 7 "here", for a long time,
showing the no network red x on the bottom saying no connection..also at one point we had to
keeep using our passwords to login to each pc,  finally I took all sharing off vista and set a lot of services
to manual or disable, and on 7 kept quitting any network it started and took all office products off of 7.
Also in the Vista registry LanmanServer\Parameters data value to 1. That seemed to stop it. Yet I check the amount
of shared icons on Vista last night in All Users

Last note: After reading other posts here on the forum, I need to let you know
that we had a lot of difficulty with our Vista PC and Windows 7 sharing the same network.
Even though each pc is on a different cable they still share the modem and we had Windows 7 "here", for a long time,
showing a red x over network on bottom right of screen showing no connection.
It took us a while to figure out the cause.
When we had our old anti-virus protector on here that never happened although it did let us know that
there was sharing happening.  By disabling a lot of services on Vista and other things we have it mostly stopped. 

I did count the number of shared folders with icons on Vista tonight, 6 in all users and 1 on public desktop.
on Windows 7 shared with everybody all users 4 Public 3
also account Unknown showing on My Picture, My Videos, My Music, and Favorites.
Folders with locks on them 9.

Q. I am wondering if there are contents of some folders I need to be deleting regarding networks etc..
My guess is maybe somethings are being retained whenever I do a full restore that are still causing permission issues,
and maybe that is what caused my last full restore to not fully work.

Please advice.

Hi Shane.
Please see attached event logs from last night and strange pic from index.

Thank you!!!

Hi Shane.

I ran the check disk check tonight and uploading results. 
(When clicking on the 2. chkdsk I noticed the Windows Repair options flash on the sreen just before that suppose to happen?)
I ran it again after to catch a screen shot. So I thought I maybe doing something incorrect and decided to do another whole chkdsk c: /f /r after.
This time I looked for the specific Chkdsk log.
There are a lot of other errors Shane but I do not know what I am specifically suppose to be looking for.
Also there are still 226 catalogue files in the found.000 folder.

Waiting for your advice.


I look everywhere in the Event Viewer, after and there wasn't anything specific, just usual things.
I even checked the Windows Log files, usual as far as I could tell.
Did I miss something or is this a good sign?

The found.000 folder still has 226 items in it, and everything else looks as it was when I woke up today.
I did notice, under Programs and Features, it says - Windows Repair (All in one) and Adobe Flashplayer were both installed on 22/10/2013
and 15 installed updates all .net Framework 4 types for 22/10/2013, which all were not installed on 22/10/2013!

That's it.
What next??


Sorry Shane.
I was about to add this to the end of the my last post and I seen you had posted already.

The last error was "The server {E10F63A-F1AE-4ADC-AA9D
2FE65525666E} did not register with the DCOM within the required timeout.} 

I do not know what this has to do with backup but I did a search for jnwppr.dl and there are 5 in winsxs.

A. Regarding drivers, with an OEM machine, I see at the OEM website there is an updated AMD chipset driver
but the older one would have to be uninstall first correct..the factory one?
Also I see some NVIDIA Drivers...Q: Is there some sort of code about not mixing NVIDIA drivers with AMD drivers?

1. I will do the chkdsk right away.
There are 226 Security Cataloge files in there!  Wow!

2. Recovery folder Under is a folder called
under that is:
boot.sdi and Winre.wim ...
that would not have anything to do with my partition would it???

3. RegBackup C:\ 1:58 GB  13 folders inside.
Want to upload to you a copy of the last Log_Vss.txt just to make sure everything is okay.

Will respost again after chkdsk is done.


Sorry for the long wait.  I has to do this twice to give you an acurate report.

When the computer is in sleep mode, the power button stays blinking, pushing it in does nothing except turning the machine off.
As for clicking the mouse or hitting the enter button on the keyboard both will turn the power button solid blue but that is all,
the screen stays black.
The only way to have it go online after it goes to sleep is to turn the surge protector on and off, then the
computer will beep and ..cycle..? and the screen will come back on.

Please advise.

1. In the remove temp files log there are entries of "..\AppData\Local\Temp\~DF1D507E6F811C786D.TMP
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."   At first I thought it was malwarbyes but it is off
my pc for two days now, is that part of the Tweaking program?

-  As things are at a stand still with my system, ..please advise what to do with the
1. folder/files "found.000" with "dir0000.chk" that is very large
2. Recovery folder
3. Very large RegBackup foler.
4. the users default folder had a lock on it tonight as well as my own and I found
   behind some new bookmarks I added all had "Account Unknown: {s-1-5-80-2375682873-768044350-3534595160-1005545032-2873800392}

5. I also tried beta repairs tonight.Could not find the exact log.
Had Windows Backup Troubleshooting Options (Error Code: 0x80070005)
I tried the answer here:
I will let you all know the results.


Beta Repairs

In the Unhidden_Files-Notepad I found a part there that says:

1 - C:\System Volume Information\SystemRestore\FRStaging\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield Installation Information
1 - C:\System Volume Information\SystemRestore\FRStaging\Program Files (x86)\Skype\desktop.ini
1 - C:\System Volume Information\SystemRestore\FRStaging\Users\lotus\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Burn\Burn
1 - C:\System Volume Information\SystemRestore\FRStaging\Windows\assembly\PublisherPolicy.tme
1 - C:\System Volume Information\SystemRestore\FRStaging\Windows\assembly\pubpol42.dat
1 - C:\System Volume Information\SystemRestore\FRStaging\Windows\assembly\pubpol45.dat
1 - C:\System Volume Information\SystemRestore\FRStaging\Windows\assembly\NativeImages_v2.0.50727_32\index2fb.dat
1 - C:\System Volume Information\SystemRestore\FRStaging\Windows\assembly\NativeImages_v2.0.50727_64\index358.dat
1 - C:\System Volume Information\SystemRestore\FRStaging\Windows\assembly\NativeImages_v2.0.50727_64\index359.dat
1 - C:\System Volume Information\SystemRestore\FRStaging\Windows\assembly\NativeImages_v4.0.30319_32\index1a5.dat

The Beta program was using the word "FRStaging" last night, so I thought it might be related.

Also I noticed right after exiting the beta page, last night,  and going back to repairs, starting repairs, that there were
two Windows Repair (All in One) windows open and two compand prompts. There was one with the top of the screen
with red writing on it..that I kept seeing when doing the repairs, and another command prompt with like a white notepad in it.
I exited the Windows Repair (All in One) that was just sitting there on the first page like it was ready to start,
and the command promt with the red letters on it, and let it go from there.
I tried backup again today and the following happened.

Windows Backup failed to when trying to read from the shadow copy on one of the volumes being backed up.
Please check in the logs for any relevent errors
Error Code (0X81000037)

There were a lot off errors, like The print spooler failed to load a plugin-in module
jnwmon.dll error code 0x7e, Windows could not load print processor JournalPrint because EnumDatatypes failed.
Error code 126. Module: jnwppr.dl. Please obtain and install a new version of the driver from the manufacturer (if available),
and bad block errors, Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued and
The Shadow copies of volumne C: were aborted because of an IO failure on volume C:"

I do not know if these are significant but may help someone.

Shane!! What next please?


Hi Shane.  That's for helping.

I have Windows 7 64-bit.
Is the S-1-5-21-147188519-3030526752-2390625592-1000 key on Windows 7 the same as like Vista...the very first user/admin key?
If so does this mean since I have done restores back to factory condition, that I have lost that particular user/admin key for good?

Need to reword the sleep part.  I meant the mouse will not wake up the monitor from sleep.
Tried different "mice" , different monitors, nothing makes a difference. 
Also tried the same monitors and mice on Vista and no problem.

What next?


Thanks for the advice.
After doing a restore to factory, the OOBE starts then enter username so forth..
Next is the offer for the virus protector...decline..then windows update persists..
this is where everything starts to go down from here.

Usually the anti-virus protector takes sometime to removed by the removal tool and is scheduled to be removed completely by the task scheduler, if ever even removed completely.
Do I stop everthing, including updates, to do this?


I am not sure where to continue this thread, but I will post update here for now.

After checking logs today I noticed:
ALL  "windows_repair_hkey..." were  "skipped (contains wildcard)
Windows Repair Windows Log  were all "CreateFile Error : 2 The system cannot find the file specified."
Repair Volume Shadow CopyService -The Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider service is not started
Repair Windows Updates - Could Not Find C:\ProgramData\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Downloader\qmgr*.dat
Newest events:
-The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load: SMR322 - which I think is from last anti-virus protector - should not be there..

-Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-PnP The driver WUDFRd failed to load for the device WpdBusEnumRoot UMB Security UserID="S-1-5-18" - which happenes whenever I plugin a flashdrive

Microsoft-Windows-WMI Description:A provider, WpcClamperProv, has been registered in the Windows Management Instrumentation namespace
ROOT\CIMV2\Applications\WindowsParentalControls to use the LocalSystem account.
This account is privileged and the provider may cause a security violation if it does not correctly impersonate user requests.
Security UserID="S-1-5-21-1471885119-3030526752-2390625592-1001"

-alot of these- Application Source: ACEEventLogSource
Description:0000000015:  Exception: No value exists with that name.Exception 
Called by: ATI.ACE.LOG.Foundation.Implementation.Setting::DeleteRegistryFromUser                           
processID:01884 threadID:(CCCThreadNew:Dashboard) domainName:(CCC.exe                    )
assemblyName:(LOG.Foundation.Implementation, Version=3.5.4197.41774, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=90ba9c70f846762e)

A lock is still on my user folder..
and there is a PS-Notepad at the end of Program Data that says:

Any idea where I need to go from here?



I have Windows 7 64-bit OEM pc.  I have to be logged in as administrator to do any restore to factory, so I have only ran as administraror and have done several
restores back to factory already.  Early this year I started having difficulty with the locked folders and ran this program  then and then just undid everything it tried to help with because I was unsure of what I was doing. 
Because this pc is shipped with a named brand anti-virus protector, and my ignorance of programming, I do not know what changes to expect when I switch to another anti-virus protector.  Also I do not understand the sharing settings.  We have a Vista pc oem brand as well. 
On the last restore I did this year, I noticed that the pc did not do a complete factory restore as it should have, and I replaced my old anti-virus protector right away, as the subscription was up and I did not appreciate the newer version. put a new anti-virus protector on and stopped getting updates..

I have ran Windows Repair (All in One) v2.0 for all users and now v.2.01 for current user, maybe I am just using the program incorrectly, but I still see a lock on my user folder, with an Unknown S-1-5-21-147188519-3030526752-2390625592-1000
Also I have not been able to wake up my computer from sleep most of the year.
I noticed this error tonight from my restore date: Microsoft-Windows-RestartManager -.... cannot be restarted - Application SID does not match Conductor SID..
I never thought to look for it before.
Maybe an incompatibilty with anti virus protectors or something else.

I removed the new anti-virus protector..and am hoping for a change with this program..
Please advice where to go from here.
Sorry for the inconvience,  I am quite new to forums, and do not know much about computers.


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