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Have you tried going Start - type folder and press enter when File Explorer Options comes up then click on View to access the button to Show hidden files.

My Win 10 is up to date and I don't have a problem but if you believe an update is the cause, then try your restore points to prior the update.


Thanks for fast reply.
I have tried to turn it on and it wont check.
Under start folder options there it will check but after apply and ok if I go back to it is unchecked.

And as for system restore I can't do that during restore it re-enables my AV and then it blocks the restore.


Hey Guys and Gals,

I can no long view hidden files and folders and the option wont enable.

SFC /scannow found nothing.
DISM found nothing wrong.
I even checked the section in registry and it is set correctly to display but doesn't.

Malwarebytes, Bitdefender and Hitman Pro all scan system safe.

Problem started after a windows update the other day.

I can still get to appdata by %temp% but would really prefer to have it all working.

Anyone know how to fix?
Would tweaking software find and fix the issue?


Hey Boggin,

Thats one of the problems I can not create any backup at all with any program.
No backup program works and no create restore works.

Ok I got the usb stick of Windows 10 and iso to be safe.

I will attempt to do the repair on weekend.
Though I may do one other step first to be safe.
I am thinking I will clone the total drive c: using hardware cloning since I have no other way.

I do have another follow-up question for you.
I do Windows updates all the time so shouldn't my Windows be at latest 1803 since I apply all windows updates?
Or when windows comes out with new revision do I have to run repair to get 10 to latest version?

Thanks in advance

Hello Bogin,

Thanks for fast reply to my issue, I appreciate it.

I have Windows 10 Home 64bit OEM
Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134.
Or as called in other section

I downloaded the media creation tool and made a USB of Windows 10.
I was told in Chat on a game I play that it could not fix OEM versions which is why I never ran it.
I did create a fresh USB thou to be sure I have all the latest.
So will the USB fix an OEM version of Windows?

Also if I run the Windows USB will all my Programs still all run and work?
I need to be sure as I have programs where company went under so I could not reactivate if I had to reinstall.

Will I need a Windows Key as mine is stored in BIOS I am told?
My ASUS came with no Windows sticker on the PC.

Also on a side note I found a page   And it explains why it could have happened.
As at one time I had Had KAspersky and used removal tool on my pc but not for awhile.
I contacted the author and sent picture of same section in the link I posted above.
And according to him mine is broken or corrupt.
If you look at link picture and now look at mine
Code: [Select]
"ClassDesc"="@c_volume.inf,%ClassDesc%;Storage volumes"

IF you look mine is missing lots
He said to change my data in that one section to match his UpperFilters as he says mine is to short.
I was worried about not being able to boot up and without working restore if I broke it I would have to totally reset pc.

So is the repair you are talking about be the same as  in place upgrade.
OR should I try the fix the links author advised me to do.

Thanks in advance

General Computer Support / Windows 10 Home 64bit OEM, system Restore Broken
« on: November 07, 2018, 10:08:54 PM »

I have a Windows 10 Home 64bit oem system and System restore is broken.
My event logs are filled with VSS errors about 1 a minute.
I get no drive selection when I Run Create Restore Point.
I get main Window and a error Window.
I have ran so many checks and they all pass.
Sfc /scannow, Multiple DISM, CHKDSK /f, Checkdisk /r and everything is clean.

I have no Virus or Malware as I have been thru checks on multiple sites including MAlwarebytes forum.
Attached is a picture of the error I get.

Also Backup Software all fails I I installed a couple after nothing else helped.
Even Macrium Reflect does not work.

Help Would be greatly appreciated.

I would also say I got your free Tweaking tool but have only run scans and lots of parsing point issues.
I was afraid to click buttons to fix parsing & Environment variables since my system restore does not work.

Help Please

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