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Thanks for instructions!
Unfortunately the problem is still the same also after Scannow and Chkdsk which did not report any errors.

FYI the disk is divided in four partitions : C: Windows  - D: Windows HP recovery - E: Photoarchive   - F:  Ubunbtu 18.04
and has dual booting via Grub. Files in C,D and E: can be read from Ubuntu.

I guess a reinstall is now getting close and I should appreciate your guidance.

I have Win 10 Home (ver 10.0.17134.1)
I made a USB recovery disk and system restore point just before repair.
USB boots nicely to meny but neither system restore  or start repair is succesful.
When I select cmd line repair it tells not enough memory for this cmd.
Still I get here the cmd cursor at /system32.

Windows 10 does not start again after a standard Tweaking repair ( after inital logo is displayed screen go dark and just the small blue circle show up anytime I move the cursor.
Tried to restore to latest systempoint with my restore USB but  after few minutes  the PC gave up the attempt showing the error 0x80070003. Tried several times.
Anything I can do now? exept starting a heavy restore after backing up all my files...?

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