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I'm interested in using your Envelope Printer program to print return addresses only with the recipient's address blank in the middle. After putting in my return address, the print preview is showing portrait orientation. I need landscape. Is there anyway to change the orientation within the Envelope Printer program? I've already tried changing the orientation in the printer properties but that didn't make any difference. I'm using an envelope printer (Neopost AS520c) not a laser printer. You're probably wondering why I'm using your software instead of one that would have come with the printer. Well, I work for a non-profit org and our funds are limited. The seller wanted me to buy FlexMail4 for $1,000 which we don't have. Way too much :thinking: (Please see attached screenshots.) So, I hope you're able to give me some suggestions. Many thanks.

Also, is is possible to be notified by email when you submit your response?

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