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Feedback & Suggestions / I would like to be able to pay something
« on: August 13, 2022, 11:14:23 PM »
I do love this program and it has helped me several times. I am a old pensioner and use second hand machines and fix them to my needs. I cannot afford to pay for the pro version - how about the possibility to send  small amount - or if you do not need the money nominate a charity?
I may use this program may be once a year -- if at all. But knowing it is there makes me HAPPY!!! THANK YOU

INgolf --Australia :cheesy:

I had to re-install W10 - all working - but no optical drive. Nothing in Device manager. I replaced it with another drive >> not found. Not in BIOS. Rest bios -- nothing.
I used just now after 2days trying any suggestion on the net.
After restart > device manager > the optical drive was there!!!
THANK YOU ALL   for this program. As a pensioner with little money I like to use "old" workstations the 8770w beats all I have use so far.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Ingolf >  Australia :cheesy:

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