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SysMain   SuperFetch
Dell optiplex gx620

Win 7 pro
using FireFox & Duck Duck

My computer is almost useless.  When try to open even notepad must wait

I searched on Microsoft people/community but can't figure out
how to repair.

Problems started after big storm, electric off & on..
when computer finally rebooted  (waited out the storm)   now my partition
on C: drive  which was labeled D:  is now gone. (that was used for backups of system(?)

biggest problem is when commenting on Facebook or Twitter
I cannot upload  images.  Also right now if I forget and type to
fast there will be a 'wait time' before text appears.

Also searching takes forever. 

FYI:  I am 80, still trying to live with Win 7...$$$$
From what I read at Microsoft  the problem has something to
do with Logo display?   
Can anyone help. 

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