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OK so here is what I found in my testing, it wasnt any single repair breaking windows 10 1809, the antivirus or anything else. It was windows itself!

I found in my testing that 1809 has a bug where when you use the bcdedit command to set safemode with networking and then use the bcdedit to remove the command it doesn't fully work. Those are the commands my program uses to get windows into safe mode.

So what happens is 2 registry keys are created by windows when using bcdedit but when you remove the command the 2 registry keys are not removed! So windows thinks its still in safe mode when it isnt, and so no service that isnt allowed to run in safe mode will start! This means windows updates not opening, antiivirus not working all of it and a ton more. This didn't happen in older builds or older versions of Windows.

So in the new version of my program (v4.4.0 released today as of this post) I have WR set to remove those two registry keys! After that everything works great and the repairs arent actually breaking anything.

So if you get a user who has this trouble, there is a way to fix it! two ways actually.

1st way: Have them load up the new version of WR and have WR restart in safe mode, once in safe mode open WR and then simply close it. WR will remove the registry keys when it closes and then restart windows. This is by far the easiest way for users.

2nd way: In the program folder under the files folder and then the regfiles folder I made a remove_stuck_safemode.reg files that will delete the registry keys if they are there. All a user needs to do is double click on it and then restart windows. While this may seem easier, it also means telling some users how to actually find the file, which you know isn't always easy.

Keeping up with the constant changes and new bugs in every new build of Windows 10 is a challenge, thanks for hanging in there with me!


Installing one of the programs and you get a Sharing Violation Error? :omg:

A sharing violation error means the installer was trying to access the file but it was locked out of it. This almost 99% of the time because of your Antivirus. :wink:

Your antivirus could be in the middle of scanning the file and hasn't unlocked it yet, or it could be flagging it as a "GEN" which stands for generic is always a false positive.
That ever happens just send the file to your AV company and they will remove the false positive.

As for the sharing violation you just need to disable your antivirus while you install the programs. This is why almost every installer and setup program out there always says to please disable your antivirus, because it can and will get in the way.


10-27-2015 - Past Mentally Burned out, Will be back shortly.

For the last week I haven't been on the forums. It has been a harder than normal week for me.

My wife lost her mother 1 year ago today. Her mothers birthday was just a few days ago and it was the first birthday since her mothers death.

But of course we all know how life doesn't finish there, on her birthday my wife's grandmother died. Let me repeat that, her grandmother died on her mothers birthday, 1 year after her mothered died. So her father lost his wife and then a year later lost his mother, on his wifes birthday.

I have my wife and 5 kids, 4 of them are my girls, my little ladies. They have needed me more than ever.

I haven't had a day off in months. I am so busy that I have to stay up 48 to 72 hours at a time to try and catch up. During the day I have customers who call me and I take care of, since I run a computer repair business. Then I have to do the programming for the large number of programs on both my sites and then also try and answer forum posts on both sites and of course answer the crazy amount of emails I get everyday. This all while having the normal interruptions of life, things breaking, things to fix, things that are not in the schedule and of course being there any time the wife or kids needs me.

This is my week Monday through Friday. Then on Saturday 2 of my girls have volleyballs games and I dont miss any of their events. Saturday is spent time with the family day. Then Sunday is fix things around the house and do what is needed from me and get ready for the week. There is no day to rest. After all it is 3:30 am right now as I type this.
So you can image how burned out I am, burning the candle at both ends as they say. So since today is going to be a very hard day for my wife and girls I had to force myself to get to the forums and get an update for the windows repair done. I got to the forums and there was over 100 threads waiting for me. My head hit the table and I just wanted to go lay down.

Well thanks to my 2 moderators I have helping, they are the first I have ever had help me, over 90% of the threads where answered and didn't need me to reply. What a freaking awesome feeling! They took so much load off of me I don't think I could have done it without them. Huge thanks to Julian and Boggin for helping me. I dont pay them, they help because they like helping others like I do.

Also since I am near a breaking point they may have also saved my mind from going bonkers :-)

I write this to let my users and followers know I have not left, I am not ignoring anyone and I will be back. I just really really really need a freaking day off. But I wont be getting it this week. So since I am running on burn out mode I will not be replying to the forums as fast as I normally do as I simply cant keep up right now, I am so tired every single day.

I have never been this busy before, since is getting more and more popular it is requiring more and more from me.

So this means I have to find a new way to balance everything and I have no clue what that will be, with my wife broken right now I have more on my shoulders than normal.

So now that I got all that off my chest, I need to go finish the forum posts that I need to answer.


Sorry for being gone the last 2 weeks. The SetAcl exe with my Windows Repair is made by someone else, and it hasn't been updated in 3 years. It was breaking the start menu on Windows 10 and other odd bugs, too many to list.

I contacted the author of it and he was to busy to want to update it and even stopped answering my emails. So I had to replace it by writing my own. In all fairness he never stated that his tool was designed to handle entire sections like I was using it for.

It was #1 priority and I had to get it done otherwise it would hurt the reputation of my Windows Repair tool.

So after insane programming sessions I am truly burned out, but I did make my own to replace SetAcl and I call it - ManageACL and not only does it fix the start menu problem on Windows 10 but I also fixed all the other bugs it was causing as well and even restores the defaults in proper order like it should.

SetACL when restoring permissions from a backup didnt do a proper restore as in any extra or different permissions where still there. The point of a restore is to put it back exactly as it was, not add to it. In my version I now have it doing a proper restore of the default permissions from the files it uses.

I even included a progress with it so users can know that it is working.

In order to write this I had to be able to make a 64bit version. All my work is done in VB6 which is 32bit only. I also needed it to be able to run the program without needing runtimes like .net otherwise a system with broken .net wouldn't be able to run it.

So I had to write it in C++ in Visual Studio 2015. I also had to teach myself how to do C++ in the last 2 weeks :-)

Thankfully when you know one programming language it is easy to pick up on the others as long as you have examples and are able to look up the info you need.

So I am back and I am tired, but thankfully I can get back to a normal schedule again and my Windows Repair is better than ever.


Beta Testing is over and the program will be released very shortly!


6 Support & Help / Possible New Default Program Colors
« on: December 23, 2014, 04:42:34 AM »
A friend of mine made a new color preset for the programs. He likes this one far better than my default colors which are darker.

My eyes like darker colors as bright colors always strain my eyes, but he has trouble reading it and I have had other users say the same thing.

Both presets will be in the next updates of all the programs, but the question is, should I make it the new default colors for all the programs?

I have attached screen shots of 3 of my programs with the current default colors and the new colors.

What do all of you think? Make it the new default? (Remember both will be an option in the color settings)


7 Support & Help / Chkdsk False Errors
« on: October 27, 2014, 10:14:21 PM »
When you run chkdsk in read only mode, either from the windows repair program or normally you might get reports that there are errors when there isnt.

This is a know problem with chkdsk. When it checks the drive and it happens to be checking a file that is currently being written to then it will repair an error when there isnt one. If you did a chkdsk and got no errors then you are good to go.

A little ways down this page you will find this

    Chkdsk might fail in read-only mode or might report false errors.

    The read-only Chkdsk process involves three phases. If Chkdsk encounters errors in the early phases, Chkdsk might abort before it completes all three phases. In addition, Chkdsk is prone to falsely reporting errors when in read-only mode, and it might report that a volume is corrupted even when no corruption is present. For example, Chkdsk might report corruption if NTFS modifies an area of the disk on behalf of a program at the same time Chkdsk is examining the same area. To verify a volume correctly, the volume must be in a static state, and the only way to guarantee that state is to lock the volume. Chkdsk locks the volume only when you specify the /f, /r, or /x parameters. Thus, you might need to run Chkdsk more than once for Chkdsk to complete all stages in read-only mode.

So if you have chkdsk run at next boot and it doesnt find any errors then you should be good to go and can ignore the false errors it might have reported.


The toolbox has become so large that I am making it be its own program called - Technicians Toolbox.

The Windows Repair is automated tools, the toolbox will be the manual powerful tools.

Beta is almost ready, I am just writing a basic help file and then I will have the beta ready for users :-)


I am going to be making a new version of the Windows repair that will be a free/pro version.

The pro version will be a version with extra features and such you can buy while the free version will have all the current options that is already in the program.

Most important thing, all repairs in the program currently and all future repairs will remain free! I am not going to shoot myself in the foot by taking things away from my users!

So any ideas you post about to add to the pro side must not affect the free side of the program such as the repairs and current options.

So to make it clear one more time, nothing that is in the program currently is to be taken away from the free version.

So now that is covered, I need some freaking ideas for a pro version! lol

So what better way to come up with ideas then to ask the users who use it the most?

So here is what I would like from you, please post any and all ideas you have on what I can add to the program as a pro feature.

Please remember that I wont be able to add all the ideas that are requested, but will try my best to add the best ideas.

Also there will be no pop ups or nag screens in the free version asking people to upgrade to pro, I hate nag screens!

Current WR Pro Feature Ideas:

Code: [Select]
System tray monitor, can have it set to monitor specified services, reg keys and files.
System tray monitor can also auto delete temp files that are over so many hours old.
Have updates download and install without having to redownload the program.
System tray monitor, have option to run a repair quickly from the menu or even by set keys on the key board.
Allow custom add ons.


Everything Else / ****PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING****
« on: October 24, 2013, 07:38:10 PM »
This forum is for anything you feel does not belong in another forum. Off-topic posts are allowed but please watch the language and avoid politics and religion.

Before posting, please make sure your question has not already been answered.

You can use the search box located here in the top-right corner.

You can also read our frequently asked questions. We have compiled a list of common questions and answers from the forums and support:
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11 Support & Help / Please Read Before Asking For Support
« on: October 24, 2013, 07:38:02 PM »
Before posting, please make sure your question has not already been answered.

You can use the search box located here in the top-right corner.

You can also read our frequently asked questions. We have compiled a list of common questions and answers from the forums and support:

8024402c means it had trouble talking to the windows update servers. And I have always found it to be DNS related.

My fix is to have the system use the google dns servers and

This bug is on my own ISP. When I used their DNS every single machine in my house and office would fail with this error. As soon as I changed dns servers they all worked. I tried to let my ISP know but they just ignored me lol

To make changing your DNS servers easier I made a program that will do it for you :-)

So try the dns trick and see how it does :wink:


13 Support & Help / Beta Repair System Restore
« on: December 26, 2012, 04:00:16 PM »
In - Windows Repair All In One v1.9.3 I have added a beta repair to repair the system restore for Vista, 7 & 8.

Please post your results here on how the repair went for you. :wink:


Windows Repair does a good job on a lot of systems.

But on some systems there might be something that is out of whack that can make things worse.

Always make sure to do a system restore backup before using the program.

If you need help after using the repair tool just ask me and I will be more than happy to help. The more people I help the better I can make the repair program.

As of v1.3.0 I was able to not only fix all the problems the old versions caused for people but I also made sure it wouldn't happen again.
The problem was with the reg & file permissions and the trusted installer messing things up. I had the users who had problems from my old version run this new version and it fixed everything right up  :cheesy:

Again if you have trouble just let me know! It is the only way I can make the program better & safer  :wink:


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