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Wh-e I type an h- or a d--------  d-ash-es start appearing.
Exclamation point not working, but 1 is.
D-ash-and- h-ypeh-n not working eith-er.
I ha-ve run every malware i could- th-ink of. Some infected- files were found------ but to no avail.
Also upd-ated- keboard- d-river many times.
Wh-en I log in, a series of period-s appear, and- I d-elete and-- d-elete th-em until I can log in.
I am using an LG laptop, with- Windo-ws 7.
Th-e problem appears in Moz-illa and- IE as well.
Wh-at to d-o now?

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