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Its not a problem though.........

Right now, I am running win 7 32 bit on C drive.
I want to install Win 8 64bit on D drive.

---------Later can I remove Win 7 32 bit from C drive and  rename the Drive D to C

I am having an idea but dont know whether it will work !!

Suppose, In C drive i have installed Win 7 and in D drive Win 8. After booting into Win 8, I make Win 8 default boot through msconfig.

then I boot from windows 8 USB, and run command prompt.

then I Format C drive and use Diskpart command to change the name of D drive to C and C to D.

Is it possible to do?

General Computer Support / EAccess Violation error !!
« on: July 23, 2012, 10:43:12 PM »
Dont know why but suddenly I started getting this EAccess Violation error in few software !! I am posting the image. This came while I tried to open Kaspersky Password Manager !! Except KPM, few other software also giving me this error !!

how do I install it without reinstalling windows ? I dont have windows dvd !! Please help....

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