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General Computer Support / Windows 7 updating issues
« on: June 06, 2015, 08:33:51 am »
There is an issue that I am currently having with my Toshiba laptop. I am running Windows 7 x64 bit service pack 1.
Back in November when I attempted to update iTunes to the most current version was when things started acting strangely on my computer and when I began to notice that there was an issue. I am currently a college student and have been very busy with working and attending school that I am only now finding the time necessary to sit down and really figure this problem out.
I have recently contacted Windows support and the only help they could give me after working with them for over two hours was that I could "possibly try rebooting my operating system, but it is not guaranteed to solve the issue" which would wipe my entire drive and who knows if it would even take care of the issue. I have only realized the magnitude of the issue that I am dealing with within the last month or two. What sketched me out the most was when the Windows tech assistant was remote controlling my computer and ran a scan and could not find a thing. The problem with what Windows suggested is that I prefer not to wipe my computer drive and wipe everything because I have nearly 300 gigs of music on my drive that I cannot be sure if I will be able to access again.
I had copied all of my music library onto an external WD hard drive before iTunes decided to take a hiatus on me. This sounds great and all but apparently I wrote my password down incorrectly to access my drive. (I have tried everything to get it correct.) I set my drive to automatically unlock when it connects to my Toshiba but I potentially will lose my music if I wipe my drive and this takes out my WD drivers set to remember my passwords. It would also be great to access my library on other computers. In regards to solving my WD issue, I have to restore my drive and re-copy everything back onto it but I cannot get onto iTunes to achieve this so I am currently stuck at an impasse. When I go to update Windows, this is the error that I always receive:
I have currently been working with someone from the BleepingComputer forum but she has never repaired windows through the method that is seeming to be required. (We have discovered that my .NET framework is somehow nonexistent.) I also must note that my OS has been pre-loaded on my computer and I DO NOT have the discs. The girl I was working with had me order recovery discs through Toshiba but then went on to say that they are not useful in what I am dealing with.

Hopefully I have explained all of this adequately. Can someone please help me?

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