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1 Support & Help / Unable to Create Restore Point
« on: September 01, 2015, 03:53:11 pm »
Windows Vista - 2.99 Meg RAM- MSI Laptop - Pentium 2 Dual T2410 2.0GHz
Yesterday I had a problem of Free Disc Space mysteriously disappearing.
So I bought Windows Repair Pro and ran it in Safe Mode. I ran only 13 of the repair items as recommended by Spybot.
Now I still have my original problem but I cannot work around it as I can no longer create a restore point and therefore cannot do a Disc Cleanup which I have been doing every few days for weeks.
Having bought the Pro edition I selected the 2 options to run after I did the 2nd Repair run.
The Pro Disc Cleanup inclusion promises a lot but I can't actually get it to do anything.
When I emailed Shane he said to do a full repair in safe mode. Sect 5 will not NOW create a restore point so that is not an option.
Finally I gave up and did a restore of the registry back-up but I still cant create a restore point or do a disc cleanup.
Yesterday I ran ComboFix but its log does not say if it was able to create a restore point. Anyway, I still have my old and new problems.
I need help please. (Sorry I put my first post in the wrong place. Newbie confusion!)

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