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Program & Site Requests / Could not undo!
« on: August 23, 2016, 01:25:10 PM »
I made the mistake of downloading Simple System Tweaker on 1/28/2015. The properties say it is version I am running a Dell XPS One 2720 with an i7 8 GB of RAM, and a 32 GB SSD with a 2TB Hard drive behind it. I am running Windows 10 and back in Windows 8 I tried it because it said it could undo itself if I did not like it. It slowed mine down or made no difference. I Followed the instruction to undo and the program said it could not because of corrupted files. MY system has no infections, is up to date, and I am a tech. I want to know if I use the uninstaller in the program folder will it reverse the standard tweaks. I made no changes to the default settings. If the uninstall does not undo it could you please post a list of exactly what it does on a default tweaking, and post specific instructions on how to restore my system settings. I have made no changes to the Tweaking and just got around to registering.

I do not like any program that says it will undo itself then can't in the same day. It is getting uninstalled, the question is will you disclose the exact tweaks done to a Windows 8 or 10 system, and how to manually undo them? I will then pass them along to the people that installed this on my recommendation.


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