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After I was advised to uninstall windows repair the system tray icon still remains and causes shut down issues with my pc.
I'm trying to reinstall but as soon as it asks about adding the short cuts for users the whole system locks up and I've to force a reset.
I've tried in both safe-modes and get the same result, any ideas as I'm beginning to think its time to format and start again.
running win 7 on amd dual core a series Athlon 8gb ram, ssd hdd.
I'm a novice so real in depth repairs may be beyond my skills

2 Support & Help / Full system lock up
« on: September 01, 2017, 07:01:01 AM »
Hi All

Not sure how TWEAKING.COM v4 2018 has ended up on my win7 system, but it looks handy enough, however if I try to run the software my whole system locks up.
I have to pull the power and force a shut down.
Can't even uninstall to repair.
Any ideas.????

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