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1 Support & Help / Pro Licence 1 PC - Bad Sectors - New PC
« on: August 03, 2018, 10:40:49 AM »
I would really like to know before I purchase a Pro Licence for 1 PC if it is transferable to a new PC (I am assuming a licence is only active for 1 year, though only because I see that the tech licence is only for 1 year so if Pro is for life of the PC then this may not be as valid a question in needing an affirmative) as I have known that I have had the same bad sector of 4kb for over a year now (been spooked that I may restart & not have a working PC each time I do a restart) & along with new problems arising I fear this Laptop PC may be on its last legs no matter what I do. Or if I just install a new hard drive though as I do not have the original windows installation disk as it was purchased from a refurbish store in 2013-14 (with win 8 x64 upgraded to win 10 x64) I am not sure if I have or can even find the Key that was used so I can reactivate my windows on a new installed HD. I do have an unopened Windows 8.1 x64 disk that I purchased with a lot of components to build a better desktop PC (purchased at the end of 2014 into 2015 so really out of date being 1 of the last Asus DDR3 MB's, think it is a Crossfire V & only a Gigabyte GTX 770 4GB OC V2) & have just let them sit since then unbuilt (being 100% disabled I have forgotten to much about exactly how I used to put my old PC's together as well as I am bedridden so I can not sit at a table top bending & stretching to instal & connect what needs to be done even if I could or can actually remember once I took at look at what went where.
  So is the Pro licence transferable or is it for the life of the PC or Windows Key used?

Also if I do need to install a new HD or just reinstall Windows on my Laptop, can you post the link to a site where windows can still be freely upgraded to 10 from 8 as I had have heard (maybe from you or Jays5cents) that it was a time limit thing but whichever of you 2 I heard it from also said it could still be done free online without having to purchase a new win 10 licence?

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