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1 Support & Help / Corrupt Recyeling Bin
« on: March 20, 2020, 10:53:51 AM »
Had alot of errors in windows after moving from HD ot SSD. Tryingto fix the errors one by one I succeeded. Went to sleep, woke up with new errors. I did do the command line scans. Then trying to find help for those errors I found a link to here.

First time I used it it BSOD when rebooting after repairs in safe mode. Corrupted Recycling bin. en-US was trying to be deleted. I worked to remove all the files so windows would fix it.
No luck.
Before fixing all the errors I had made an image. I restarted from there and then used your program.
No crash but the exact same Corrupt Recycling and en-US.

Working on trying to get a Linux program to boot from, I don't have a usb big enough so here's hoping for my DVD drive.

Edit: Success! I hope you guys find and fix the cause in your program.

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