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1 Support & Help / Questions about the Add-on creator
« on: March 18, 2012, 10:21:46 am »
I know that you are making the new videos and all but I couldn't wait so I'll ask some questions that I have about creating add-ons.  :cheesy:
There is the [if] statement, Is there [and]? I don't know right now where could it be used or needed but I'm thinking something like this:
[if] |||radio1||| = true [and] |||check1||| = 0 [then]
the code
[end if]

second question is can we use multiple [if] like this way
[if] |||check1||| = 1
[if] |||check2||| = 1 [then]
the code
[end if]

Or maybe this way:
[if] |||check1||| = 1 [then]
some of the code
[if] |||check2||| = 1 [then]
rest of the code
[end if]
[end if]

Third can we use something like this to compare drives to see what drive user selected? Again no idea where would I need it, just asking.
[if] |||drive1||| = "C:"[then]
[end if]

Last question is about dword values in some registry keys. I have a "MaximumTransferLength" which value can be set from dword:00065535 to dword:02097120

Is there any way to use a text box for it like this, so user could set it also manually:

The problem as I think are the zeros at the beginning if I tell the user to set value from 65535 to 2097120.

Or will it accept it just as this way:

I think this is all for now  :wink:

General Computer Support / Problem with System Restore
« on: February 26, 2012, 12:45:24 pm »
I just noticed that my System Restore fails to restore restore points..

Haven't noticed this as I haven't had a need for restoring, but today I had. It has no problems on creating restore points, it only fails at restoring them.

I tried to fix it with the fix coming in AIO, sadly it didn't fix it. Still the same error message after system restore. Google gave me some links to microsoft help forums. It had few methods to boot in to safe mode (didn't help) and disabling antivirus (didn't help).

I'm out of ideas what to try next to fix it.  :sad:
Or should I give up to it and install some 3rd party system backup maker?

Here is the error message, which I get after reboot when restoring system:

3 Support & Help / Bug report: ERUNT backup
« on: February 26, 2012, 11:38:59 am »
I did a registry backup with the Windows Repair AIO v1.6.4.

I tried then to restore it but the problem is that the registry backup folder doesn't contain the needed "ERDNT.EXE". I tried to manually add them by running the ERUNT to make a backup and copy the needed files to the backup folder made by AIO. I managed to restore the registry but had many error messages concerning some missing backup files.

Can you take a look what's wrong with the ERUNT and why it didn't create the needed .exe files to restore the actual backup.

Also, will the ERUNT make a full registry backup? Now it doesn't let the user configure it, so I can't know what all it includes in the backup.

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