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I have a Dell XPS8700 Desktop running windows 10.

I have 3 problems that I hope someone can help with:

Windows update is trying to install an update, but it is looping because it reports cannot update - although I can see from history that the was installed OK

Because of this I want to go back to a restore point - this reports back to say there was a problem with a file in the recycle bin - but the bin is empty ! So I cannot go back to a previous restore point.

So I need to use advance recovery option to access a System Image file that I can restore from - but this and other advanced options does not show when I select the advanced option in recovery - only 2 options are available !

Please can someone help with accessing the all the advanced recovery options. If the first 2 problems can be resolvev then I will not need to recover from a system imsge.



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