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i got this old computer from a friend and want to clean it to give to my mother for basic internet- e-mail and pictures. it wont boot to normal windows. it gets to the windows logo screen and reboots. it does boot to safe mode( where I am now) I tried running the all in one windows fix but know some things dont work from safe mode. is there a way to run repair in safemode? I have run Spybot S&D malwarebytes and step by step all in one windows fix. nothing has changed. I also tryed running windows repair from an old XP disc I have and it wont run becouse it gets to the screen aasking for admin password( is none that i know of) and wont progress past that question. I have no CD's for this computer tough it does have COA sticker on the back. I care nothing about any info on this computer but with no disks and such wanted to try and repair rather than wipe and have to buy new windows for it!!

any help would be of great assistance.

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