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Just fixed mine! 

"Error code 0x8007042c is an error for "The dependency service or group failed to start".
This will indicate that there may not be a problem with the Windows Firewall Service (MpsSvc) but instead with other Services that it needs so that it can start itself.

So here are the necessary Services that Windows Firewall needs on Windows Vista/7/8:
1. Base Filtering Engine (BFE)
2. Windows Firewall Authorization Driver (MPSDRV)

The two services/drivers should be started or running. BFE can be easily seen through the Services Console. But MPSDRV is not visually available in the same console window and instead available only by querying the service in a Command Prompt window."

Info found at:


Your program cannot add. i luv this marquee, and wish i had it on my own forum. Verrrrry cool!  :artist:

When I ran the Registry Backup?  It said it fixed 10/10 things. Fine!  :-)  I had, however,  selected 11 (or at least, the program pre-selected 11 items).  What happened to that eleventh one?  Well, I went back and ONLY checked the first six.  It said, 6/6 -- perfecto!  I then selected just the other five - and again, all is fine! 5/5!  But when I ran all eleven, it came back that TEN OUT of TEN!   :cheesy:  What happened to that 11th one? 6+5 = 11, right?  :undecided:

BTW, I found your software via the Microsoft offical Forums.  I foolishly allowed MS to download a bunch of "updates" without checking them out first, and have wound up without a firewall (error 8007042c).  A fellow user put up your site, and said he'd tried everything known to get that firewall on, and had no luck EXCEPT ... your way.  I am, right now, still trying to fix things and get the firewall back on.  What a mess! 

Back to the salt mines .....

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