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Thanks for the reply.
I had created two subfolders with unique names in hopes that would allow me to either delete or rename the (None) entry, but no joy either way.
Perhaps a tweak could be made such that once a user creates their own folder, the (None) entry would disappear, at least as long as other folders existed ?
As previously stated, I'm not a computer illiterate, but neither am I programmer, so perhaps that's not possible.
What I do know is that constantly having to hit that dropdown box arrow to choose my unique subfolder(s) for each addressee is pretty tiresome.
Yes, I appreciate that this is a free app at the moment, but would be happy to pay a little something for it as it's very useful, especially at Christmas card time  :smiley:
Anyway, I'll stay tuned with fingers crossed that someone might figure this out .. thanks again !

I'm sure this little issue is way down the priority list, and that's fine as it's not a huge deal by any means.
Thanks again for the quick replies !

Much appreciated, thanks !

Without altering anything, I had a peek at the .ini & .dat files at {C:\Program Files (x86)\\Envelope Printer} and {C:\Users\[me]\AppData}.
No mention of Address Book, etc. anywhere within.
Not being a programmer, I didn't mess with any of the other files (.ocx, etc) for fear of breakage.

I've just installed this great little app but am unable to find a way to change the default address book name from (None) to (something else).
Any chance of either a clue or a fix ?

Thanks in advance - other than the above, it's a truly dandy little program !

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