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It looks like Permissions Backup completely ignores D:\Users too.

I have a User's folder, Kent, junction linked from C:\ to D:\. ignores it during a registry backup.
2 pics, 1 showing the junction, the other showing Tweaking does not even list my Kent Users folder as a possible pick.

Now suddenly, I am wondering if my Users folder Kent has been ignored by all the other functions of Windows Repair?

Moved my User files to my D drive using a junction link. Backup Registry only shows User directories on my C drive. And I have not found any manual way to add it to the User Registry Files Backup list.
Please add this ability. Let me know if there is a workaround.

I have my own User on D:\Users\Kent. When I run Registry Backup from that account, it backs up all the other Users except mine. The rest are located on C:\Users. I have tried running backup from another account, in safe mode, and in normal mode. The result is always the same. My own current user registry files are never backed up.
If I use the default Windows Registry Editor and do an Export. The entire registry is exported in seconds, including my keys.
I have a simple junction point C:\Users\Kent => D:\Users\Kent. I have used this setup for at least 5 years never had a problem with any other program.
The scary part is I felt assured knowing my registry was being backed up. Now I realize its never been backed up.
Windows 7 Pro SP1.

5 Support & Help / 2.10.4 Unable to choose backup location
« on: February 02, 2015, 07:42:06 am »
Step 5 Backup
1. Registry Backup
After clicking on Backup, it opens up a new window with four tabs and immediately starts executing the backup. I can see a settings tab but am unable to click on it because the backup is already running. There is no way to stop the backup other than to cancel or X out of it, which if done, immediately closed the whole backup window.

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