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Yeah, I already turned them back off, I'm just concerned about how Remote Desktop Services was turned on in the first place

yeah, thats what I found. I haven't installed any 3rd party programs recently aside from some security things. Is it possible any of those made them? it would make sense since the thread had the op installing some of the same programs

so how would that get switched on? It was set to automatic and 'started' when I found it.

Unless the repair changed it, the settings would have been changed after the repair, right? otherwise the repair would have set it back to its default setting?

including Remote Desktop Services? Seems odd

just a quick update, I went into advanced settings and blocked these just in case they might be something malicious, but now there are six of them in the normal settings, so thats weird

I'll probably bring the laptop with me, unsure if I'll have time to check on the thread though

Damn, gonna be gone for like a week on monday  :confused:

Oh well, laptops not going anywhere, I can wait

I can't remove them from the list, either

Had a look at my firewall and noticed these things in there, there are more in the advanced settings

googling around, I could only find two or three other people posting about something like this, but all of them had or had used Windows Repair, including me. Are they related?

Yeah, but those settings aren't the default settings for those services

Not long after running a repair, I Noticed that things like Windows media center receiver service, windows media center scheduler service, and most concerning Remote Desktop Services had been set to automatically run rather than manually

Would running Windows Repair have changed these settings? I know I certainly didn't change them myself.

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