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Sure, there may be interactions between different layers causing problems.  My system in question is now running very smoothly.  If it were of any help, I could run a backup in the near future, uninstall some update, run Repair and look whether the problem returns.  Of course there is no guarantee that some bad interaction in the background persists in my system, so on the other hand on might for the time just gather statistics from users.

I may give up trying to explain it.  Clean boot was a remedy for a different problem than caused.  My automatic update succeeded only after the changes caused by were reverted by bringing the computer to a state prior to the activity, through a restoration from a month-old Acronis backup.  I never succeeded to repair damage done by through lesser means. damaged the first part of automatic updates - i.e. the update files would quit downloading.  The emergence of download errors was correlated to the action of and not to any other program running on the computer.  I do not know in what other words I need to phrase it.

No, please do not misunderstand me.  These were 2 separate problems. Repair disabled automatic updates and specifically downloads for automatic updates.  I found no way to restore automatic updates other than by restoring system from backup. I went through 2 rounds of this confirming that was the culprit, with the automatic updates downloading before the Repair and failing to download thereafter.  However, even with automatic updates crippled, I could do manual updates, many but not all.  The updates failing to install included Security for Flash and Features Update.   After restoring the system from backup and doing clean boot I was able to do automatic updates for everything.

Thanks.  To get the update done, I already gone many times through such and every time the update would start resorting to the previous version before reaching the end.  I eventually succeeded, though, to get to 1803 by doing the update under a clean boot.

Apologies for the rushed posting, but since I was crippled by this and recovering took days of work - in particular trying to reset the Automatic Update to make it work and that led to nowhere - I thought I should warn others promptly.  In any case, the system ius Windows 10 Pro 64-bit x64.  Winver says version 1709 OS Build 16299.665.  Before unistalling I had there Repair Pro.  After running the standard version of repairs, I think opening custom, but then without changing defaults, the Automatic Updates would be crippled, always coming back with an error from download of anything, never going above 0%.  The claimed error numbers might vary, but never getting beyond 0%, please restart to fix etc.  I think I applied all remedies from the Web for fixing the Update Assistant, but nothing worked.  Manual updates would work with hiccups - not all update numbers from Update Assistant are actually posted on MS Update Central.

Running WR appears to damage irreversibly Windows Update for Win 10, as of Dec 2, 2018.  I spent several days on it before identifying that WR (I believe 4.4.0) is the culprit.  After running the basic subset of the repairs, Windows Update quits downloading files.  Registry and Permissions restoration does not help.  System Restore points seem to disappear after registry restoration.  At this point I only get back to operation using partition backup from a month ago or so.  At this stage I am unstalling WR to ensure that I do not activate it accidentally.

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