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I have the user data (personal stuff) backed up - that is not the problem.

The last link will delete the very files I must preserve.

Are there any specialist tools, or people, that will access just certain files in the system (the ones I have mentioned), without actually getting the system up and running?

Ps. Happy New Year :smiley:


Sorry for the delay in replying, I have been away all day.

I had already tried the restore point but it says there is nothing to restore.

The Windows 10 Reset option will delete everything except the data files.

Notepad dropdown does not list any files in the system, only data files.

As noted by you, using Tweaking leaves the registry messed up, but I cannot fix it with your new version as I can't get into Windows to download it.

Thanks for your detailed replies.

I have already tried ALL of the things you suggested, but none of them get into Windows.

As for getting the data, I already have that on an external backup HD.

The Files that I need are via USERS (see my last post), which is part of the system. Consequently, they do not show in Notepad and Easus will also not detect any System files.

only the DATA files.

My PC was working normally, but slower than it used to be.

I opened and ran it to see if it would speed it up a little.

When it finished I restarted it and after passing the screen to press Del for the Bios, there is a windows logo and rotating dots that don't stop.

I  Googled the symptoms and found it looked like it had got stuck in Safe Mode.

I followed a video and instructions, using a Windows disk to access the Command Prompt and entered the suggestions. That didn't work.

I have now tried your suggestions and they also don't work.

So the reason for my original post to this forum for help is that running Tweaking caused the lockout.

I understand you are saying it's caused by Windows but that doesn't help me.

So I ask again, how can I fix this when I can't access Windows? (please don't tell me to reinstall or refresh Windows).

I MUST access windows to copy some Trading files from   >users>XXX>appdata>roaming>metaquotes>terminal.

Only then can I reinstall Windows.

While you have given 2 ways to prevent this problem, they both require the latest version of Tweaking to be downloaded and installed.

I can't do that as I cannot access Windows now! :sad:

Please advise how I can get into windows to do the download.

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