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Tom 29/11/2019,

OK will do a create manual restore point  and try the programs registry restore and see what happens?

Thanks Ray

Tom 28/11/2019,

No I haven't tried reg restore, as just afraid of fouling the system?


Tom 27/11/2019,

I have been using HdClone for many years now and so use to it, as I use it on
both desktop and laptop, so will continue to do so?


Tom 26/11/2019,

I thought they were saved on to the main HDD, but looks like I am wrong, but my cloning does a complete copying of the main HDD, so
if any errors I just boot from the Bkup drive I created, and no I did not get a chance to read the link?


Tom 26/11/2019,

I would always like to keep a image of my HDD offline, not associated with the main HDD, that's why I use hdclone as
a image I presume takes up space on the main HDD?


Tom 25/11/2019,

You mean by system image as a backup of registry or clone of the whole HDD I have Win7 Ult on?


Tom 24/11/2019,

I went into safe mode with f8 key in Win7 Ult, and tried to do the repair 23, then rebooted and tried to do the jump to safe mode tab with-
in windows repair 4.7 to no avail, so does look for sure it is the cause of the grub 1.99 that I have to go thru to boot up?
Also I done the fix of repairs Friday and now in Win7 Ult all my description of tabs and windows and within any raised windows
is small in font size, so how do I fix this?


Tom 23/11/2019,

No I have not selected item 23 to repair, thats why I am asking you, should I try it?


Tom 23/11/2019,

"sorry I thought it was item 23 repair safe mode?"

I installed 4.7 on my desktop Win7 Ult, and tried to jump to safe mode but to no avail,
so I hit the fg8 key and went into safe mode. I then done the repairs and noticed in under all repairs tab
is showed item 23 "repair safe mode", should I do this?


Tom 21/11/2019,

Thanks for that, when I go to the library I will download version  4.7 and install, then let you know how it goes OK?


Tom 21/11/2019,

I got details of Windows repair from APC mag July 2019 on page 79 (how to -experts solve your computing problems),
and it states within window repairs under repairs(All repairs (46) item 11-repair start menu icons removed by infections),
sorry I thought it was item 23 repair safe mode?

PS yes will start a new post?
PPS is the newer version 4.7 better and if so when can I get it and where

Tom 18/11/2019,

I am finally back and will attempt to install window repair on th Win7 desktop,
then jump into safe mode with f8 key when booting and try the repairs?

PS yesterday 19/11 I installed the W.R 4.6 on the desktop Win7, then I rebooted to safe mode via f8 key, and while in safe
mode done the check of the system and could not find a repair for No23 safe mode repair, so I then rebooted
to test out when in normal mode thru W.R 4.6 reboot to safe mode but did not do it, dont know why, but
still presume I go thru the O/S grub 1.99 to boot up?

Tom 12/11/2019,

Posted by: Boggin
on: Today at 03:01:26 PM


Okay - see how it goes, but I would have performed the repair install by now.(what mean " performed the repair install by now"?)
(Can't do this for about a week, but will let you know how it goes?)

Tom 12/11/2019,

Posted by: Boggin
on: Today at 12:46:00 AM


It's what I would do to ensure the machine booted back to normal mode.(OK will give a go)

As it can't now boot you into Safe Mode either, I would create a system image onto external media before running the repairs.
(I do have a clone copy to my Bkup Dual boot Drive)


Tom 11/11/2019,

Posted by: Boggin
on: Today at 01:23:05 AM

When the program prompts you to reboot after the repairs, I assume you will decline that and use Windows own Restart to get you back to normal mode ?(thats what I think I should do, but what you think?)


Tom 10/11/2019,

Posted by: Boggin
on: Today at 05:21:19 AM

Yes, there is a repair for Safe Mode, although I don't know what it does.

If it doesn't resolve then you will have to just boot up into Windows and see if the repair program will work as it's supposed to in just that mode.

Going back to what you said about not being able to select Safe Mode in msconfig, is Windows 7 highlighted or does the Safe Mode box become active when you click on Windows 7 ?(in Win7 safe/normal mode the msconfig window is greyed out, cannot enter anything)

( Also. I mean when I boot up for Win7 I always get the Grub 1.99 screen, where I select the O/S-Win7, I click on to then
immediately press the F8 screen and it comes up with Win7 Safe Mode , so maybe this is a way around it?)


Tom 9/11/2019,

What about installing Windows repair on my desktop Win7 Ult in normal mode and because when
I click the tab under windows repair to jump to safe mode(that doesn't work), but when I do a restart
I use the F8 key that jumps to Safe Mode(it works like I said before), and then do the repairs in
Safe mode, by checking the repairs tab and see if one repair is to fix Safe Mode?

What your think?


Tom 8/11/2019,

Posted by: Boggin
on: Today at 12:47:17 AM

Have you tried the repair program when you connect to Windows that way ?(No,but if its done that way I loose my dual boot, so whats the use of
having it, who wants to keep changing sata cables, what about copying the bcdedit.exe file from my Win7 pro Laptop to my desktop Win7 alt?)


Tom 7/11/2019,

Posted by: Boggin
on: Today at 12:25:57 AM

    Insert Quote

So do you also have XP installed as well ? (yes, when I connect thew sata cable to XP Pro and disconnect to Win7)

Are you able to boot into Windows without going through Grub ? (yes when I do the above, and also disconnect K14.04, but
being connected to either XP Pro or Win7)

Tom 6/11/2019,

you wrote and response in Red-

Posted by: Boggin
on: November 04, 2019, 03:13:31 PM

That would definitely tend to point to the dual boot being the cause.

Do you select which system you boot from via msconfig/Boot ? (No opensouce Grub 1.94 see attached "grub 1.98")

Does the bcdedit cmd work on that laptop ? (yes see attached "CMD-bcdedit" for laptop)

is this helpful?


Tom 5/11/2019,

I meant that although, I can't get it to run properly on my desktop Win7 ultimate dual-boot with Kubuntu 14.04,
 without probably doing a complete repair, I decided to install onto my laptop that has single boot to Win7 pro
and it works fine to Safe Mode on on the laptop ?


Tom 4/11/2019,

OK thanks I have to seriously think about?

PS I decided to install on me laptop which has Win 7 pro, and it works!

Tom 4/11/2019,

OK will attempt to do so and let you know of results?

PS your replied-
  on: Today at 01:58:35 AM

    The wording is a bit different in yours but click on View events in this log in the lower right pane and then you will be able to view the date and time stamped errors. (I think I did it the right way see attached "Event Viewer 4-11-2019")

Tom 3/11/2019,
Below what you sent with response in Red

I'll ask Shane if the dual boot could cause a problem,
but I'm sure other members who dual boot have also
used the program okay.

In normal mode can you try the bcdedit CMD again and then go Start - type eventvwr and press enter when it comes up.
(done this in normal mode about 7.50am 3/11/2019)

When Event Viewer has read the data, click on Error then on View All Instances of This Event in the lower right pane.
(I can't find read the data tab see attached "event viewer (local)3-11-2019)

Look for date and timed stamped errors that coincide with your attempt
at that CMD
 - clicking on any will give more info in the pane below.
If there are any can you let me know what they are

Tom 2/11/2019,

Below what you sent with response in Red-

I've just checked the status of Credentials Manager on my Win 7 and it's showing as Started/Automatic.

Right click on yours and select Properties then use the dropdown to change its status to Automatic.

Click on Start/Apply/OK - File/Exit and reboot.
(I done the above and the Credential Manager reset to Automatic?)

Install the repair program and use it to boot into Safe Mode with Networking where you should now find that a restart will return you to normal mode.

Even though you couldn't manually start Credentials Manager in that mode, Windows must be able to do something to return you to normal mode after the restart.

Shane had set the repair program to start the Credentials Manager service as in some versions of Windows that service is set to Manual and not started as it is in my Win 10.

I don't know why you are getting that error for bcdedit but tapping F8 while switching on will give you a number of options.

One of those options is for Repair your computer.

Click on that and navigate to the Recovery Environment (RE) to select Command Prompt and try bcdedit to see what it returns in that cmd prompt.

I then rebooted to normal mode and ran Windows Repair,
selected jump to Safe Mode/ but it failed to go there.
So rebooted selecting F8 key then select repair tab
and finally jump to the CMD prompt entered bcdedit-
"The boot configuration data store could not be opened
 The system cannot find the file specified"
So with all this I decided to do a restore prior
to installing Windows Repair.
What suggestions if any do you have, and if can't find
any, looks like I wont use Windows repair, as I feel
cause I dual boot with Kubuntu 14.04/Win7, and this is why
it won't work?


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