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it was a useful link, thank you.

Yeah I did it and found two viruses, happily it wasn't so serious. Now it works well, not as well as it was before, but much better than without running a scan

oh, I got u. I didn't know that it's your job, sorry! According to your advice, yesterday I changed my AV program, thanks a lot, see the sense!

are'n you a stalker, Tom? :cheesy: :shocked:take it easy)) This works, maybe because it has an app store button, in a previous one it also worked, but don't know why my attempt failed.I also tryed which is similar to it. But the visual side of  Bitdefender is better for me, but another one which I found on twearking is faster in usage.
Thanks a lot !

I have Id'd you as a Spammer but if this is a genuine request for help, I suggest you download and run a scan with Bitdefender on your Mac.

For Windows I would suggest using the free ESET Online Scanner.

Tom, huge thanks! I tried both of them and my windows laptop had a trojan, happily it's done. Lol, I am not a spammer, I am just a newbie with this stuff. This mac is the first in my life, so it's quite difficult to understand everything there, you know. I was installing Bitdefender free addition using your link, but couldn't finish. May be you know another one?

Thanks in advance, Mamie (long a sound as 'may')

Hey, there! I just find out than I got a virus or maybe some on my hp laptop while I was transferring it onto mac. And my antivirus 360 total doesn't work with it. Any ideas, what should I do ? :rolleyes:

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