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Ok cool, thanks

So I have placed a request for a refund. Once I am refunded, I will just place another order with the one 1 originally wanted. Hope to get the refund soon to place the order again.

Hi Boggin,

I still have not received any reply from anyone on this. Kindly let me know if anything can be done  :sad: :cry:

No worries, thanks.

Hi Boggin, I didn't get a reply from your colleague still. Waiting for your suggestions, thanks.

Hi Boggin, sure will ping you here or reply in this thread after a week if I don't hear anything from him.


Ok thank you, will wait for the team to connect with me.

Thank you again.


I by mistake bought a 3 pc 1 year license because I misread it at 1 pc 3 year license. I wanted to check if the following would be possible:

1) Downgrade the key from 3 pcs to 1 pc and refund the balance
2) Make the key 1 year and make it 2 or 3 years

Please help, thanks.

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