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This program allows one to right-click an IP address and have it blocked. However, this can become tedious.

I've been looking at the "block_ip_history.dat" file and am wondering is there is a way to block a range of IP addresses (such as ALL address from 93.x.x.x or 185.241.x.x).

Does anyone know of a way to to block a range of addresses?

I really don't need to do more anti-virus checks.

I need to figure out just what "ESTABLISHED" means (can't seem to find any useful info on Google) and whether the person connected is using my TS for something.

Hi Tom;

Thanks for the reply.

I have a good anti-virus program on the TS and nothing is amiss.

I've attached 3 images showing IP addresses that are either SYN_RCVD or ESTABLISHED. These IP address are from GB, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Russia, etc.

I know that SYN_RCVD tells me that someone is "knocking on the door" so to speak, but do not understand why sometimes they become ESTABLISHED as I have blocked the IP addresses.

I *do not* see any failed login attempts in Windows Event Viewer.

Trying to figure out what is actually happening and if they have somehow gained access to my TS and are using it without logging in.


I am using the "Remote Desktop IP Monitor & Blocker" on a Terminal Server. I keep getting connections with a status of "SYN_RCVD" and "ESTABLISHED" even though I have blocked the IP addresses these connections are coming from. Also... I have restarted the server multiple times.

Can anyone enlighten me on these "status" messages and what the mean?

How do I block these?


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