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Again, good tips and links you sent.  I wound up having to reinstall a fresh copy of windows then boot with Aomei backupper disk and find a backup that was relatively close to the date when the problem started.  The last backup I made was about a month earlier. 

It was a pain though, the backup was on an external USB 3.0 hard drive that was not recognized by the older WIN10 version (no drivers installed).  So I had to copy the backup to a drive that the older WIN10 version could see.  Once that was done I installed the backup and I'm back in the ballpark at least.

Now I have to figure out what I installed / did before the crash.
Thank you for your help.

Hi Boggin,
Thanks for the detailed response.  When the drive was still in the HP computer I ran some Win10 repairs and chkdsk /f and it came back with some problems it could not repair.  I'll try that again now that the drive is externally mounted and on a different computer via USB.  Maybe I'll get a different result. 

You're right, I also suspect the BCD is damaged and thank you for sending the tips and links. 

Another problem I'm having is the with the Bios.  There is no option to boot from a USB stick so I can't run a host of tool on it when it was in the HP.  I have to boot Legacy and with a DVD.  The latest WIN10 is too large to fit on a DVD no matter how I try to shrink it.  I'm working on maybe trying to see if WIN PE will fit on a DVD or Windows to Go.

Other than that my recovery options do come up (i.e. command prompt, system restore, etc. but they are not doing me any good).  My next option it to try to reinstall Win10 saving my files but I don't trust it.  So that's another reason why I took the drive out, to copy my files to a safe place before trying this option.  I'll follow your suggestions first since it's already out and in an external box.

I appreciate your help.  I guess this will be my weekend project...

I have an HP computer that won't boot- inaccessible boot device.  I pulled out the drive and put into an external USB box and plugged it into another computer.  It's showing up as a drive and I was able to copy my data from it.  Now I want to know if check / repair reparse points and enviro variables can be set to run on an external drive?

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