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Thank you Boggin.  When I run the cmd you suggested (I've tried both Cmd Prompt admin and Powershell admin), I don't get any errors, but a pop up "i" window opens with a glossary of switches for the wusa command.  The PC doesn't auto reboot, so I wonder if the cmd ran.  I'm going to manually restart now and see if anything has changed.  Thanks.  I will report if this removed kb4586864. 

Hi.  I cannot complete windows updates, and SFC and DISM is not correcting the issues for me.  My pre-scan with Windows Repair identifies 46 missing .cat and .mum files from the service stack KB4586864.  I am unable to uninstall or reinstall KB4586864.  I have downloaded KB4586864 and would like to unpack it and copy the files into the appropriate directory (C:\windows\servicing\Packages\  etc.).  Could anyone point me to instructions on how to proceed with this.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


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