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Everything Else / Wondering
« on: February 12, 2012, 07:33:13 am »
Hey, Shane. I was wondering if you ever thought about getting into the serious malware stuff. For example, there's a site called Geeks To Go with alot of tutorials and some very intersting programs from someone called Old Timer (OTL programs) There's a program called OTL and it's supposed to be a modern day, more powerful tool than Hi-Jack This. Just wondering...

Feedback & Suggestions / I'm back...
« on: January 25, 2012, 08:12:45 am »
 :cheesy: Hello Shane. Remember me? He of the wickedly corrupt registry?Nothing was working and I couldn't find that install disk?
I'm back (about 98% back) I'll try to put this in a nutshell:
  - The inevitable happened; BSOD after BSOD, finally windows said it couldn't start because of corrupt reg.
  - I found my frickin' reinstall disk. Trying to be clever-well, it worked, 'cause I couldn't find the thing! Found it.
  - After a couple tries was able to install windows on a different drive (D: drive) but now I'm confused because this wasn't like doing repair install on XP. D drive is much smaller than C.
  - I tried to install on C but "it" wouldn't let me. Only option was D.
  - Is the corrupt registry and all the other "bad" stuff just being preserved on C drive?
  Other things:
   -Great stuff with Repair aio and Advanced system tweaker. It is evolving and getting better! Keep it up.
  - I do have a suggestion: In Repair All In One, when it's repairing system restore, does it get rid of the old restore points? Because if infection happens or whatever, it seems crazy to keep those settings in restore only to unleash it again,unknowingly. That's it. Not really a suggestion but question. I saw it in another program where all restore points get released.
   One last thing: Nice move putting in ERUNT! :smiley:

Everything Else / This could be something great.
« on: November 25, 2011, 02:41:29 pm »
 I was just glancing over some of the other posts and what Shane said about this growing into something big. I couldn't agree more!
 All it takes is like-minded people to start massing together and - BOOM!- something's going on!
 As for me, let me say I have a passion for computers. Not just the typical; "Dude, I gotta facebook!! Dude, I gotta tweet! Dude, I gotta get on social networks!!!" That shit's irritating to the point of homicide.
 EVERYONE these days have their damn faces in their cell phones texting away, texting away, that's all that matters,my cell phone, the center of my existence- facebook-Texting!!!! Holy shit people step back a minute! The other day I was at my buddy's house and when he went to the bathroom (yes, we were pounding the beer!!) I simply put his cell phone in another location (it's a wonder he left it!) and when he came back the first thing he did was look for his phone and when he didn't see it- we're talking full-on panic attack!
 After "F'ing " with him pretending I didn't know where it was, I realized just how far gone people are these days. How times change!
 In case you haven't guessed by now, I don't have a cell phone and will continue to hold out as long as possible. I'm about the only one I know of who doesn't have one yet (by the way, good luck with the brain tumors from those things).
  So anyway, my interest in computers lies in how they work,WHY they work,and how they're quickly becoming lifeforms! I've been an avid reader of Maximum PC, right after they changed to that name from Boot. I'm like those old-school hot rodders with their muscle cars: always Tweaking, always fiddling, always wanting a fast, sleek, pure- horse-power, muscle machine!
And in order to do that you have get into your machine and know what makes it tick- so you can make it better, so it follows your every whim with lightning speed. WHY??? Just to say you can and be satisfied that you did it yourself... and of course to play video games!! come on! what else would you do all that for?! Right , not much else except what to do when your beast starts acting weird.
 That's how I see it.
 Of course, if you want the latest, greatest,Star-Trek-like technology, you have to fork over the money. Some of us don't have that option, so you take what you have and max it out as far as possible, make it the best it could be. If you want your machine to last as long as possible as well, I wouldn't recommend over-clocking. Tempting-oh, my god!-tempting! More power! More dammit!
 I lost a pretty good rig back in 2004 because I was overclocking it:
 I tossed in more memory sticks, a new graphics card, was able to tweak any thing and everything that you could, including stipping it down to bare essentials...and then I was able to get ahold of Power Strip to overclock the graphics card... it was awesome playing NeverWinter Nights! But I wanted more power, more speed and pushed it as far as it could go- then there was a funny noise- a wisp of smoke and the unmistakable smell of something burnt-I call it brimstone-and somehow, my brand new monitor hissed at me and wet down in flames as well.
 All I can say is that was funny and shocking at the same time and yet, that thrill of feeling crazy: "Let's do that again!" If I the money to toss around I would have! :evil:

4 Support & Help / Re: Corruption
« on: November 25, 2011, 01:13:46 pm »
 Yes I have done memory checks, more than a few and check disk- all that comes out pretty kosher-no problems according to that.
Except there is a problem and yet, this thing still runs quite well actually. I've run your window repair program more than once in the past, then tried other programs, and you know what? They're all the same crap! with different names, and they all claim basically the same crap . If you read all the reviews, you start recognizing the same ol' song and dance. Your stuff actually does what it says it's going to do: put things back on track! (except in my case, my pc has a cancerous tumor in it) And that's why I came back to it. All this by the way is free hype for anyone else reading this! This is no cheesy infomercial! Gotta go now, and I'll spread the word about your site.
Oh yeah, one more thing: why not do a tutorial about the registry? Like a big help file or something, nothing phd-level, just a simple outline of the importance of it and the dangers of it going bad. I know there's tons of stuff on the internet, but that's just it- overwhelming hoards of pages here, then you have to go there etc., and it's frustrating. This way if people get a base-level understanding of it instead of being afraid of it  ( after all, it's it's just a great-big, database ) maybe they'll know when they come across dubious software, like registry "cleaners"! I still don't know about those: are they good or bad?   :thinking:

5 Support & Help / Re: Corruption
« on: November 24, 2011, 09:09:53 am »
...shit, the registry. The place where it all happens. I've installed and uninstalled so many programs that it's not even funny. Only because I'm always on the lookout for kick-ass stuff (like so I've come across alot of stuff that just falls flat on the floor. I use Revo Uninstaller because it was hyped up by Maximum PC magazine. It's hot-and-cold from what I've read:some sites say it's awesome(like I think),others say it's wayyyy-too-aggressive! Like yanking out registry entries or what ever that other programs need and over time-CRASH!! I don't know what you think of Revo, but could this also play a part in all of this?
 I got this pc (it's actually a notebook) in 2006 and can honestly say I never had a BSOD not once until just last month and since then all this other ugly stuff surfaced at the same time. Anywhoo, I'll get out of your hair,and hopefully this will be a learning experience for anyone who reads this.
As far as a installation disk goes I'm searching high and low in my attic for the box this pc came in but I'm almost certain it's gone. There's a slim chance the user's manual and all the other crap is in a safe place-NOT in the box I suspect was thrown out!!
You know what "they" say: If you play with fire, yer gonna get burned!
I say: "You have to play with fire to learn how to put it out!"
There's only so much you can learn from books or web sites,sooner or later you have to dive in, and in my case I belly-flopped in! :cheesy:

6 Support & Help / Re: Corruption
« on: November 23, 2011, 08:11:23 am »
Ok, I've done all that you've suggested, but the whole corrupt thing is still there. The combo of TDSSKILL and Avast did find more stuff lurking about,as did spyware terminator, but I'm wondering: since I'm not a master at manually getting rid of stuff, like Russinovich, is all that malware just being revived by it's buddies? I know they watch over eachother: one goes down in flames-his teammates bring him back.
Another weird thing I forgot to mention is why I can't access device manager, event viewer,etc. The mmc window pops up and arrogantly tells me that mmc will not operate with an Internet Explorer lower than 5.5... interesting. I have IE9, which I hardly use(I use google chrome) When I first got this damn machine it came with IE6 I think it was, so what's up with that? I unistalled IE and reinstalled it and windows says,"Yep, this is IE9 you've got."
The mmc stubbornly proclaims,"No you don't jackass! And I ain't working so you can all kiss my ass!"
Crap, this thing's acting like a chick: They expect you to know what's going on in their head and get pissed when you have no idea what the hell's wrong. Then comes the hissy-fit.... :sarcastic:

7 Support & Help / Re: Corruption
« on: November 22, 2011, 08:21:16 am »
Well alright,thanks for the promp reply. Ok, here we go- I'm unorganized here but I'll try to elaborate:
- I have Vista
-How are files getting corrupt?  That's exactly my question? How?? Isn't that what some trojans do?
- I've done disk checks and everytime it says everything's okey-dokey- no bad sectors- nothing.
- Any infections?  I do have Malwarebytes and it kicks ass and doesn't mess around! It's found alot of stuff in the past and seems to be on top of things, but I know it can't do the job itself. For antivirus, I find myself for the third time going back to Microsoft Security Essentials. I've tried other anti virus software and the one that stands out that I will go back to is ESET NOD32- it's light on resources, fast,and snags shit before it can cause havoc. I just don't like paying for stuff! Who does?? But I always get let down because they don't live up to the hype. I have alot of antiroot kits and run them all after scans. I've got Spyware Terminator going as well. I have Spybot Search and Destroy,too, but it seems like a resource hog-I don't know- everytime it's on the system (I have it, but it's not installed) Vista  sure takes it's sweet-ass time doing things, and when I uninstall SB SD stuff calms down. I'm kind of losing track here, so the short and sweet answer to any infections? No
But I strongly suspect there's some sneaky stuff going on. You know that nagging feeling something's not right? That gut feeling that makes you want to nuke everything! (try to hide now!) I do realize rootkits or what not are slick at hiding themselves and unhook when they know a scan is going on.
- As far as Hitman Pro goes, I got rid of it. It seemed cool, but that was all. I downloaded another windows repair- scanned the shit out of it- everything's cool.

- Going back to corrupt system files; that's disturbing. I don't have alot of money so I'm kind of stuck with this situation- I think Vista sucks! But this is also a good learning experience as well; you gotta be on the battlefield to know what's going on.
Oh, the the vista licence? Can you get that on system info?

I've watched some of Mark Russinovich's, Case of the Unexplained, and that's how I know how sly malware is, and that manually removing malware is vital, but godammit, you've got to recognize the signs and know where "they" like to hang out in your system.
You ever think of doing anything like sysinternals?  Like Process Explorer, for example? That would make your site even cooler- and great stuff,too by the way! Many snaps on windows repair!!

8 Support & Help / Corruption
« on: November 21, 2011, 10:03:03 pm »
When I do  sfc\scannow , it get's to 63%, then says it found corrupted files, but was unable to fix them. I couldn't open the cbs file so I used a third party log viewer from D7, and that said;
C:\Windows\System32\KBDINEN.DLL  is corrupt,
And source file in store is also corrupted. I do not have a restore disk, or is it called installation disk? Anyway, I don't have one of those,nor do I have blank disks to burn a repair cd. How the hell are you supposed to replace corrupt system files?
I can't get to anything in the MMC (you know, device manager and all that?) nothing, not even services manager. Now the errors are mounting,especially the Windows Host Controller,I think it's called- that shuts off as soon as windows starts. I'm surprised I can still get on the internet! I'm not a total newbie at this stuff,so you don't have to dumb it down when you're explaining how stupid I am. So any help would be greatly appreciated. (yes, I download shit off the internet-I do have stuff set up, but apparently not the right stuff,and I'm well aware of the risks.) By the way, Hitman Pro insists that there's a trojan in the windows repair program.

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