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Thanks Shane.
The dialog gpedit.msc did show the two as "Not Configured".
The registry showed only one key, value 0, to which I removed.
System restore now works.
Now if I can figure out why there is 24G of unaccounted file space on the hard drive...
Thanks again Shane!

The system restore is disabled by a group policy. You need to remove that policy, which is in the registry. :wink:

Is the user account have admin rights? And is it logging into a domain?


Yes, I have admin rights.
Yes, this station is on a domain.

No, this "policy" is no longer observed for each new station in this office - I have the only one.
We ordered 4 matching computers to which this one is the lone survivor. I know the other 2 did
not have this policy in place and wonder if a virus did this, to this computer(?) prior to my use.
The fourth one had the hard drive wiped with a new XP OS and has since died (again).

Yes, I have full access to the registry.   :omg:

Yes, everyone except this station and another is on w7.

Can you help?

See attachment.
Auslogics defrag show that system restore definitions are being regularly created.
However I cannot access system restore.
I inherited this workstation with this issue some 5 years ago.
We have since employed 2 IT's, had a server change, and new user group.
For now I use ERUNT, but my 40g hard drive is slowly filling up and I cannot
account for about 24g. I think it is the system restore definitions.
I'm pretty sure the size on hard drive for system restore is maxed out (factory setting).
I have tried the windows cleanup tool to free up hard drive by removing older
system restore definitions, but there is no lengthy pause after selecting the OK button,
which makes me think this is also disabled.
What part of your software do I use in order to make this system restore work again?

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