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26 Support & Help / Re: Problem with Registry Backup v3.2.3
« on: October 07, 2015, 04:58:59 am »
Might be a Windows 10 issue.

27 Support & Help / Re: Problem with Registry Backup v3.2.3
« on: October 07, 2015, 03:55:50 am »
I just sent an email to Shane referencing this post.

Just installed the update and now clicking on any of the tabs does nothing.  I always remain at the Backup Registry menu.

Working fine now.  You the man Shane.

Since upgrading to v2.0 I can't get RB to run via the task scheduler.  Running it on demand indicates it worked but the backup is no where to be found.  However,  I can run a backup within the program itself and it is placed where I specify.  Any ideas Shane?

Going up a notch does indeed give me the UAC message.  Two things... Why use manifests at all?  I don't see any programs I checked that use them.  Secondly, many folks set the UAC to the bottom.  Those programs that require Admin will give me a message stating so.  I'll either have to run them a Admin using the context menu or just set them as admin in the compatibility options.

Tried your new zip file and still a no go.  I updated the options program to run as admin via compatibility options which also fixes the problem.

I am running with the UAC slider at the bottom if that makes a difference.

Renaming the manifest per your instructions did nothing.  However, running the options program as Admin did put it into the context menu.

*** Actually I just noticed that you didn't tell me to rename the file so I guess there is more to it.

Here's what my context menu looks like.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





@="\"%1\" %*"
"IsolatedCommand"="\"%1\" %*"


@="\"%1\" %*"
"IsolatedCommand"="\"%1\" %*"










[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shellex\PropertySheetHandlers\ShimLayer Property Page]

Doesn't  add anything to the right-click context menu.  Running Windows 8.1 Pro x64.


Installed 1.6.5 and I no longer get the Windows version message.  Howeve,r I still get Event 513, CAPI2 errors.  My disk imaging program which also uses VSS does not produce this error.

I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro x64 RTM.  I get the message below whenever I fire up RB.  Can you add 8.1?  I use the 7/8 VSS and it works fine.

--------------------------- - Registry Backup
Unable to detect which version of Windows to run the VSS. Please manually select the correct VSS exe to use.

Just noticed something else.  Each time I take a backup using VSS I get the following error in my Event Log.  It appears in pairs and looks like one is when the backup starts and the other one when it ends.  This is based on the times of the two events.

Event 513, CAPI2

Cryptographic Services failed while processing the OnIdentity() call in the System Writer Object.

AddLegacyDriverFiles: Unable to back up image of binary Microsoft Link-Layer Discovery Protocol.

System Error:
Access is denied.

Here's a little info on the error: Event ID 513 — Shadow Copy System Writer Functionality  I checked the stuff listed and all is as it should be.  System Write is also active:

Writer name: 'System Writer'
   Writer Id: {e8132975-6f93-4464-a53e-1050253ae220}
   Writer Instance Id: {b5ea371d-21d4-49d4-bf12-fa83ea49365d}
   State: [1] Stable
   Last error: No error

I've also attached the Log_Vss.txt file

I figured your WU tool deleted the SoftwareDistribution folder then let Windows create it after a reboot.  I did this manually to no avail.

I decided to do a clean install of W8.  After the initial install I downloaded and installed about 53 updates.  All went well.  After the install I used Disk Cleanup to get rid of them.  Took forever to complete but there was no Windows Update Cleanup entry in Disk Cleanup.

I then found there were 6 more updates ready to be downloaded and installed.  I installed them.  When I went to clean them the Window Update entry had next to it 28.0 MB.  Hmmmmm...  At this point I uttered a few expletives thinking I was going to end up in my original situation.  However, they cleaned perfectly.  Funny thing is that these 6 updates were about 650 MB.  Where 28.0 MB came from I have no idea.  My previous install might have hiccuped at this point thus leaving the 28.0 MB entry.  I installed about 11 more updates and everything went fine.  Disk Cleanup shows no Windows Update Cleanup entries at all.

The thing I don't understand, and maybe you can provide an answer, is that all the updates are still in my SoftwareDistribution\Download folder.  There is 1.1GB worth of updates which sounds about right based on the download amounts I saw.  I thought Disk Cleanup would delete the folder and files.  Evidently not.  I read somewhere that they get totally deleted in 10 days presumably by a maintenance task.  I'll have to see what happens. 

Tried that.  The 28 MB still remains not to mention the fact that I no longer can see the updates anymore using Programs and Features. 

I did a clean install of Windows 8 Pro x64 due to some nits.  After I installed all the available Window updates I ran Disk Cleanup to delete them.  There was about 1GB of stuff that got deleted.  However, I can't seem to delete 28.0 MB of Windows updates as reported by Disk Cleanup.  It always stays at 28.0 MB after every attempt to clean them.  I tried a couple of things to try and fix it without success.

1. Deleted the SoftwareDistribution Folder and rebooted which is worse then the 28.0 MB.  I had backups :-)
2. Ran Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth.

Any ideas on how to get this down to 0 bytes?  I've seen it this way after past installs.

will do.

And the backups still finish? streetwolf when it is ran from the task scheduler are you running it as normal and not hidden?


I've always run it has hidden.  Want me to change it to something else?  If so what?

I don't understand why it works as long as my imaging software doesn't run when I first start up?  Is it VSS related?  Perhaps some VSS component doesn't get released by my imaging software?

I got the error again when I started up this morning even though I had RB delay for 10 minutes to give my disk imaging software time to finish.  As a test I deleted the RB backup and restarted my machine.  No DI backup was taken because I already took it but RB started up and finished with no error.

It seems that I am having the error when my disk imaging software fires up first thing in the morning.  I set a delay of 5 minutes for RB to give my DI software time to complete it's thing but I still get the error. 

Today I started up my machine later than usual so my DI software didn't kick off due to the settings I use for it.  However RB did run with no error after it's 5 minute delay.  And As I've said before I can run RB manually from Task Scheduler with no problems. 

I've set the RB delay for 10 minutes for tomorrow. 

I still get the error at times Shane. 

Fired up my rig this morning and I got the error.  If you recall I also have my disk imaging software kick off when I first start my machine.  It also uses VSS.  I noticed that the RB error message took quite a long time to appear so I'm thinking that there was contention going on between RB and my DI software.

I've run the task manually from the scheduler a few times since with no error.  I'll change the RB task to delay running for 5 minutes to give my DI software time to finish.  I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to see what transpires.

Looking good Shane.  Ran it from the TS, logged off/on, restarted Windows, all worked fine.

Since I never have the error when I run RB from the GUI what makes running it from the task scheduler different?  I even ran it as a shortcut in my start up folder and I would get the error at times.

I really can't say if the new version is better.  It was intermittent before and it still is.

I also have it hidden.  I tried both type of accounts.

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