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76 Support & Help / Re: Registry Backup Beta
« on: September 10, 2012, 05:03:58 am »

My RB auto backup didn't run this morning when I started my machine.  When I started RB manually I got a message that RB didn't close down properly and should I use the fallback method which I chose.

Is this the same problem that Tomas_Sweden reported?  If so, is a new beta going to be released soon?


77 Support & Help / Re: Registry Backup Beta
« on: September 07, 2012, 03:09:21 pm »
Testing it now.

1. "Right click menu from the task bar now works".  Right-clicking where, and what should it produce? 

2. Just a thought.  I modify the task schedule for my once a day backup to delay starting for 30 seconds.  I do this because when I start my computer my disk imaging software which also uses VSS starts up too.  Just think it's better for RB to wait a little bit.  Do you think this would make a good option on the RB GUI instead of having to manually modify the actual task schedule?  Novice users might not know how to do this.

78 Support & Help / Re: Registry Backup Beta
« on: September 04, 2012, 12:27:55 pm »
Consider it for a rainy day. 

Feedback & Suggestions / One man's opinion on cleaners and fix it programs
« on: September 04, 2012, 09:03:22 am »
1. If the cleaner/fix it program is supplied by the software/hardware manufacturer to correct problems than I have no problem with it.  They know what their program does and how to fix it.  OK.... maybe not Symantec  :wink:

2. Regarding your general cleaner/fix it programs.  In many cases the cleaner/fix it developers have no idea what a given program's reason is for doing something.  In most cases this involves Registry entries.  A developer can decide to use a non-existent file name to set an option or keep track of something, it's entirely up to him/her.  Along comes your Registry Cleaner and bam it deletes this entry because the file does not exist on your disk.  Result.... the program doesn't function as it should, if at all.  I see a lot of entries in the Registry that look like file names but upon close inspection are clearly used for some other purpose. 

3. All cleaner/fix it programs should show the user what it is about to do and let the user decide whether to continue.  This in conjunction with saving backups of anything that is about to be changed, whether it's files or Registry entries.  A full Registry backup is not enough. If you ever need to use it to fix a problem, well after the fact, you will lose any new entries.

4. Only use documented methods to clean/fix.  The developer's assumptions about the way things should be cleaned/fixed can lead to disaster.

5. Caveat Emptor was never more applicable than with cleaner/fix it programs.

6. Only use them if you absolutely must and realize the possible consequences.  Once burned, twice shy.

Stepping off soapbox......

80 Support & Help / Re: Registry Backup Beta
« on: September 04, 2012, 08:34:02 am »
:wink: Works for me. I just wanted to make sure we don't lose the "keep it simple" aspect


KISS would have been fine  :cheesy:

81 Support & Help / Re: Registry Backup Beta
« on: September 04, 2012, 07:52:25 am »
I agree. Be careful not to make this to complex for the average user though.


The GUI seems to be for the average user.  A command line RB is for the Power User.

82 Support & Help / Re: Registry Backup Beta
« on: September 04, 2012, 05:14:28 am »

1.41 is working just fine.  Nice job.

I still would like to see a command line RB similar to ERUNT so I can make shortcuts to store the backups in various folders. Now RB is limited to what is in Settings.ini.  Basically allow what's in Settings.ini on the command line or simpler maybe is to allow multiple Setting.ini's (Settings1.ini for example) and point the shortcut to the one you want to use. Going through the GUI is not always the best way to go in situations. 

83 Support & Help / Re: Registry Backup Beta
« on: September 03, 2012, 12:02:21 pm »

Very often it takes a user to inform the developer that maybe there is a better way of doing some task.    :wink:

84 Support & Help / Re: Registry Backup Beta
« on: September 02, 2012, 04:11:16 pm »
Per user request you can now have the program only make 1 auto backup per day. (This is for the people who have it set to backup at system startup but reboot their machines multiple times per day)

It doesn't work correctly in all cases. If I make a manual backup and I decide to delete it, this option (if enabled) will prevent me to create another new backup, not considering the fact I deleted my backup already done the same day.

I did the same thing as you and posted it a page back and got an answer.  What you have to do is go into Settings.ini in the RB folder and change LastAutoBackup to the day before.  Maybe even deleting it might work.  RB does not look at the dates of the backups which IMO it should do.  This way deleting the current auto backup file would kick off a new backup.  Listening Shane?   :smiley:

Cross post.  That's a good idea too about resetting LastAutoBackup if the current backup is deleted.

85 Support & Help / Re: Registry Backup Beta
« on: September 01, 2012, 06:39:07 pm »

You didn't answer all my questions. 

1. There is no command line parameter to tell RB where to store the backup AFAICT  That only seems to be set in settings.ini unless you have undocumented command line params.  How can I make a shortcut to backup my Registry telling RB I want to create it in a different folder than what's in settings.ini?   What if I created the shortcut with a 'Start in' parameter that points to a folder with a different settings.ini that points to the new backup folder?

2.  What about the fact that RB takes 3 times as long to do it's processing when I start Windows than it does when I run it manually?  I mentioned my disk imaging software, which also uses VSS, also runs when Windows starts and is this causing a lockout condition for these 15 seconds?

3. Please re-read my question on retention days.  What is the answer?

86 Support & Help / Re: Registry Backup Beta
« on: September 01, 2012, 06:06:42 am »

Some observation on 1.4.

When my backup kicked off this morning the backup screen displayed the message 'waiting for volume Copy snapshot.....' for something like 15 seconds before I saw it was copying folders and completed.  When I run RB manually the message is on screen for only around 5 seconds before I see it copying files and it ends. 

My disk imaging software (O&O DiskImage 6 Pro) also kicks off when I start up Windows.  I'm wondering if there is a conflict between the two that is delaying RB as they both use VSS?  RB did it's backup but I'm wondering if it's OK due to a possible conflict with DI6 .  DI6 has an option to run a program or command after it has completed.  Can I just take RB's Task Scheduler start up parameters and plug them into DI6 so when it completes RB will kick off?  I would then disable the RB start up in TS.

I have retention for backups set to 7 days yet I have more than that in my Registry Backup folder.  Are scheduled backups the only type that use retention?  I only have two backups that were created via a schedule the rest were manually created.  And if I am able to use DI6 to kick off RB does this mean that I wouldn't have any retention processing?

When I was using ERUNT I used a shortcut to make make backups whenever especially before I made changes to my system.  I had these backups go to a different folder so as not to be mixed in with my scheduled backups.  Can I make a shortcut for RB to do this?  One problem I immediately notice is that settings.ini has the location of the backup folder.  Does RB allow the destination folder to be placed on the command line for a shortcut or perhaps point to an alternate settings.ini?  I guess what I'm asking for is a command line driven RB comparable to ERUNT

Finally, how can I tell for sure which method RB used to do it's backup, VSS or the fallback method?

87 Support & Help / Re: Registry Backup Beta
« on: August 31, 2012, 07:20:33 pm »
Yes I like the changes, especially the one I requested.  :smiley:

Speaking of W8 I agree with you.  Does it want to be a phone or a desktop?  I guess it's both.  I installed 'Classic Start Menu' to get the desktop one back.  I have it set so I boot to the desktop and not metro.  I pretty much have figured out MS's convoluted thinking and can navigate around W8 nicely.  I only go to Metro to run Metro apps like some games and also to get rid of all my shortcuts W8 places on the Metro screen.

What was MS thinking when they designed W8?  Did they think it would be the best thing since sliced bread?  I can't see the corporate world knocking down doors to use W8.  Can't imaging what a Metro Office might look like.

88 Support & Help / Re: Registry Backup Beta
« on: August 31, 2012, 07:07:32 pm »
I was using the /auto option so I expect to see something.  I thought I would see the same screen when you run it manually.  You know with your cool progress indicator thingy.  I'll send the files right now.

89 Support & Help / Re: Registry Backup Beta
« on: August 31, 2012, 07:02:27 pm »
I rebooted and got the message 'waiting for volume Copy snapshot.....'  Message was on screen for maybe 8 seconds then it was done.  It did backup my Registry.  Do you want me to send you my logs and settings via email to see how it went?

90 Support & Help / Re: Registry Backup Beta
« on: August 31, 2012, 06:56:02 pm »
UAC is already off.  Anywho...I copied the file to my desktop, made changes, then copied it back.  I was asked for permission and it saved the file.

I think this is bug in W8.  I've had situations where the UAC slider moves up a notch from off for no apparent reason.

Did you know that under W8 moving the UAC slider to off does not turn it off completely like it does under W7?  There is still a little UAC floating around.  I was told this is for Metro/Modern (what the hell is it called now?) apps.  You can turn it off in the Registry but I was told you are asking for trouble under W8.  I think W8 is designed to function with UAC on.

91 Support & Help / Re: Registry Backup Beta
« on: August 31, 2012, 06:46:13 pm »
I changed the LastAutoBackup to yesterday's date (guess I could have just deleted it?) but when I try to save Settings.ini I get a message: 'Please check if this file is opened in another program'.  AFAICT no other program has it opened.

92 Support & Help / Re: Registry Backup Beta
« on: August 31, 2012, 06:36:46 pm »

I want to reboot and run my backup again.  I used the once a day option.  I thought I just had to delete the recent backup folder to kick off another backup but that didn't work.  Where do you store the setting that tells RB it already took a once a day backup?   I want to clear it so I can run another backup to see if the VSS problem still comes up.

93 Support & Help / Re: Registry Backup Beta
« on: August 31, 2012, 06:21:12 pm »

The once a day backup seems to be working fine.  A second reboot did not produce any backups.  I also used the /auto option. However, I noticed that when the backup started it gave a message that VSS failed and then it used the alternate method to backup. I never had this happen when I did my backups manually.   What's the story on this?

You bet I'd like to test this out for you.  No pain no gain as they say.  The thing about any type of program that fixes or cleans your system are the bad things that might show up days or even weeks later as a result of the cleaning/fixing.  Perhaps you use a function that you normally don't use until a week after the clean/fix and it doesn't work.  First of all was it the fixer program that caused this or was it something else? At that point any backups you've made before the fix will wipe out all your changes you made to your system when you do a restore.  That in itself could be more of a headache than any errors you were trying to clean up in the first place.

Maybe you should keep your logs on another drive so at least if you have to restore an image you have the logs to see what was happening?  Since I never got a chance to look at the logs can the logs be used to reverse the changes made, or is that done via some other method?  I'm thinking along the lines of Registry Cleaners that will make a backup of the keys it deletes or changes.  This way you can do selective key restores without having to restore the entire Registry.

I have years of experience testing all kinds of software especially system utilities.  As long as I have a working Disk Image program I am covered.  But then again I've had some bad images at times that verified as good when I took them so nothing is 100% ;-)  That's why I take at least three backups to internal and external devices.  Lessens the chance of a bad image but does not guarantee all the images are good when you need them.

Also since W8 requires something like W7 to upgrade from, and because there is no clean install with the current RTM, this adds to the problem of reinstalling W8 if all else fails.  I do have a W7 image that's a few weeks old just in case but I hope it doesn't come down to using it.

It might be more convenient to communicate via email regarding my testing.  I assume you have my email address on file.  Send me your plan of attack.

I installed WR(AIO) 1.8 on my Windows 8 Pro x64 RTM (Technet version).  I took a few disk images of my system/boot drive and figured, what the heck, let's do all the repairs. I checked the box to do a restart after WR completed it's work.  During the repairs I noticed that some things were highlighted in red and I saw some fails, as in Fail:2.  I didn't record any of the info on the screen because I knew logs were being created.

When WR was done and didn't seem like it would restart I did it myself (Maybe a mistake?).  Windows 8 came up did a little dance, made a little love, than promptly hung.  I then get a screen that tells me Windows encountered a problem and will try to fix it.  Screen just kept staring me in the face, apparently hung.  Tried rebooting and didn't even get into W8 at all.

Sure glad I made those disk images.  Did a disk image restore and I'm back in business.  Needless to say the WR logs were on the drive I just restored so I got nada, zip, zilch, bupkis to show you.

Is WR 100% compatible with W8 or did I just prove it isn't?  I took the risk of doing everything, although if only tried to repair one thing it might have be the one that caused the problem or maybe it's a combination of repairs. 

Take this report as you may.  No finger pointing on my part.  But as they say, 'Caveat Emptor'.

I was wondering why you used VSS. You still plan on adding the once a day only backup thing I talked about?  If you do decide to add it and need a tester let me know and I'll be glad to give it a go.

Thanks for the quick reply especially right after you mini vacation.  Hope you had a good time. 

ERUNT was a great little program.  It wouldn't be beneath anyone to 'borrow' some of it's functionality.  Since it hasn't been updated in years it seems the author has abandoned it.  He no longer replies to my emails.  I asked him about W8 support and all I heard back was a chorus of crickets.  :smiley:

I'm looking forward to the once a day backup option.  It really is a great option to add to RB.  Have you given any thought to having a command line version of RB similar to ERUNT?  You could still use your GUI to generate the command line options or like Erunt document them and have the user do the hard work of adding them manually to a shortcut.  Either way the result would be a shortcut that can be used in many ways.  With ERUNT I set up a shortcut to take a backup on demand as I called it, located wherever I told it to go.  I used this when I was about to do something to my system that might force me to restore my Registry.  All I needed to do was click on the shortcut and viola instant Reg backup.  No need to use a GUI to slow things up.

Great job on a fine program, Shane.  ERUNT has saved my 'life' many times over the years, I'm sure RB will do the same.

I've been a long time user of the fabulous Registry Backup program knows as ERUNT.  I'm sure you know about it.  Unfortunately it doesn't work under Windows 8 and hasn't even been updated in years although it worked up to Windows 7.  ERUNT had some features that I wish RB had and maybe it does but I'm not familiar with how to use them.  They concern scheduling of backups.

1. ERUNT had a command line form that after doing the first backup of the day it would not take anymore backups if Windows was restarted.  I haven't come across any option like this in RB.  Every restart of Windows kicks off another backup.  Since I restart my machine and Windows very often I don't need all these subsequent backups. A backup when I first start my computer under Windows 8 is all I need.  I usually keep them for 7 days in which the oldest backup will get deleted to make way for the new one.

2. ERUNT had a silent mode where the backup took place site unseen. No message boxes, no status bars, no anything.  I had the option of producing messages if I wanted to.  the only message I let be displayed is any type of backup failure.

Other than these two things, RB is a fine replacement for ERUNT.

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