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The only program I installed after the clean install is minitool;

Has minitool suddenly corrupt the read and changed the file system to RAW because they want to sell their paid verion

How to reset the registry to enable Automatic Drive Assignment when pluging in a drive to the USB port.

manually, go to computer management, click on the raw driove and ASSIGN a letter... then only login as administrator

After a couple hours searching, I found this command code works;

Open up a command prompt.
Enter the following:
diskpart <enter> (takes a few seconds to load)
automount enable <enter>

"no need to reboot"

Please help fix the automatic drive assigment and use for the system, TIA

Registry: change
Value of 1 is disabled
Value of 0 is enabled
Noautomount value not present defaults to enabled

I searched around and basically came up with zero references;

could use some help here...

what happened, the disk went Kaput, rebuilding the system from scratch OUCH!

with a clean install, I want to retrieve the old data on the old drive. however, while trying to kopy the info to the new partitions, it has flags and won't kopy till chkdisk completes. My intention, keep the old C and D drive handy on the new hard drive rather than a USB port... then just copy the old data files into the new drive... accordingly, a new install :(


Step 1: Disable Windows Defender:
a. Click on Start and Click on Run.
b. You will see the Run window.
c. Type Services.msc in the run window and hit enter or click ok.
d. Find and double click on the service named "Windows Defender". Alternatively right click on "Windows Defender" and select "Properties" on right click menu.
e. In the "General" tab, beside the "Startup type:" check if that is set to Disable. Then Click on OK.
f. Close services.msc window.
Step 2:

Give full permissions to Microsoft Security Essentials folder and start the Microsoft Malware Protection Driver.
Open a Command Prompt.
To do this, click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Allow.
a. Please type the following command in the command prompt window and press Enter after each command.
Cacls "c:\program files\microsoft security essentials" /t /g administrators:f
Press "Y" to execute the above command.
Net stop msmpsvc
Net stop mpfilter
Net start mpfilter
Net start msmpsvc
Restart the computer and update MSE then check the status of Real Time Protection.
Step 3: Start Microsoft Security Essentials service and its dependencies required
a. Click Start and click on Run.
b. Type the following text in Run window and click ok:
c. You will get Services window.
d. Please check the below list of services which are set to "Started" and "Automatic".

Background Intelligent Transfer Service
Cryptographic service
Microsoft Antimalware
Windows Installer
Windows updates
e. If the above services are not set to "Started" and "Automatic", please right click on that particular service and select "properties".
f. On properties window, please change the Start-up type to Automatic and use the Stop button to stop the service. Followed by "Start" button to start service
g. Click OK.
h. Close the Services window
i. Please restart the computer and check if the issue re-occurs.
If this does not resolve the issue, continue to the next steps.
Step 4: Remove Virus infection from your computer
 TDSSKiller to scan system for Root Kit viruses:
a) Download the file TDSSKiller.exe from the following link and save it on the Desktop:

b) Double click TDSSKiller.exe and click on Start Scan to scan the system.
c) Once the scan completes, please restart the system and check with the issue.

Step 5: Manually install the virus and spyware definition updates
i. If you are running a 32-bit Windows operating system, download the latest updates manually at
ii. If you are running a 64-bit Windows operating system, download the latest updates manually at
b. Click Run. The latest updates are manually installed in your computer.
c. After updating MSE definitions update, perform a complete scan using MSE.
And check whether this works or not

Need some ideas here;

1. Event.msc will not open from a CLEAN INSTALL

2. Vista Will not install any updates or programs

General Computer Support / Black Screen - Fixed
« on: May 24, 2013, 07:48:55 AM »
Lets get started: my system boots in a black screen

Will not boot in any safe modes:

Is there an ISO disk that will reset the Drivers to the Windows Install ?

Then, maybe we can understands whats happening "it is software drive"


I loooked in the event viewer, no help there either!

Seems I need to startup repair the display drivers to windows, but that is not an option...

Any Ideas or problem solvers... Thanks in advance, many people suffer this issue

I did the steps; LUCKY ME

Now, I found my system will not boot, not even in SAfE Mode;

If I install Tweaking on another desktop, can I remove my hard drive that will not boot and use tweaking to restore boot drive?

Please provide detailed info; it is urgent matter!


thanks in advance

General Computer Support / Adding Program fixes for the following;
« on: May 11, 2013, 09:24:03 AM »
Windows Registry keys corrupt;


I am an old man, so some words typed in BOLD for my convenience.


OK, Hypothetically? LETS MOVE THE BAD SYSTEM to another system that works on a USB DRIVE, "BUT LETS CREATE some commands that only run the REGEDIT as follows on the bad boot drive;

"CD\ windows bad system", then only run the registry in the bad system failure, or perhaps create another version of REGEDIT that will only OPEN THE BAD BOOT SYSTEM registry in the BAD SYSTEM,


this program would Before shutdown, RUN SFC / from the good boot drive to fix any files in the BAD BOOT DRIVE. Perform a CHKDSK

Then, move the drive back to the system.

Of course, we would need to be sure that we had the original install disk to be sure were even doing this work on the right system.

The world is waiting..................

Planet Earth Citizens Thank you in advance!

Issue: Control panel date and time link does not open

Issue: hovering over the date and time does not show the date or time calendar in the right hand corner

Issue: Right Click Personalize on desktop does not open the Personalize window

Issue; Personalize Missing from Control Panel

need help to repair theses functions: need to re-write the registry keys.

I own a legal copy of windows; people using your service should be warned that their systems will not start if they are using an illegal copy of windows :)

I do not have a virus, as I know!

Already ran Avast, MBAM to check for malware...

for EMSISOFT, it found some things; but its program fault is not mobing them immediately to the quaratine folder like microsofts scanner does, MSFT snanner does not find them, no need continue on that subject. hence when my system crashed during scanning, had to do over again.. this is quite a BIG WASTE OF TIME guys... especiallay when I was checking other hard drives, it ran all night too and manually had to reboot and start over... but what the point if it no MOVE THE FOUND THINGS?

I did an old registry backup but can not use the old registry as there are too many conflicts... besides, these are only windows issues and just Right for your programming qualities :)

Thank you for your assistance in advance...

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