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I have a Dell laptop that is about a year old. Less than two weeks ago, the DellAssist application had run and reported that there were drive errors and that failure was imminent. I ran another disk utility that I had and it confirmed a failed SMART test.

With this failure, the computer was operating fine. It did not appear to be affecting anything at this time.

I really didn't want to start from scratch. I had Dell send a new hard disk and I swapped them and copied the partition. I received a message from the partition software that I was using that it couldn't copy some partitions. Understandable.

The computer boots and appears to operate fine.

My concern is that every time it boots, on the Dell splash screen, there is a "Scanning and repairing drive (\\?\Volume{...}): 100% complete" message. This message is there for a brief couple of seconds. There doesn't appear to be any hold on booting up. It is always at 100% when it shows up.

I tried to find some information about this behavior. It was suggested that Windows might be corrupt in some way. I ran SFC and DISM. They both ran with no problem. They returned that there were no problems.

Another suggestion was to use Windows' Reset this PC. I tried that and got a "Could not find the recovery environment" error. I have a Windows ISO boot USB and booted to that to try the Reset and got the "The Drive where Windows is installed is locked..." error.

While the computer appears to be running fine, I am wary of strange behaviors like this.

What might be going on? Can this be corrected?

On another note, before I dug up the Win 10 ISO, I tried to create a Recovery Drive from another Windows computer that I have and had another "Could not find the recovery environment" error on that computer. I don't know where it would have gone.

The Dell computer was running Windows 8.1 and was upgraded to Windows 10.

Thank you.

General Computer Support / SFC and DISM Windows Repair (Solved)
« on: March 13, 2014, 02:45:44 pm »

I've been having a number of problems with my computer. The computer is a 2013 model and shipped with Windows 8. It was incompatible with 8.1, which I found out the hard way, and I had to restore a system image to the previous state. It has never really worked right since then.

In searching around for solutions, besides updating drivers, it was suggested that Windows was corrupted and that SFC should be run to clean it up.

SFC reported that there were corrupted files that it could not fix. In looking for a solution for this I found that DISM should repair the image so that SFC would work.

While it was one more step, it seemed too good to be true that it would be that easy. Sure enough it was too good to be true. DISM keeps failing, stating that it could not download files.

I am at a loss of what to do.

I attached the CBS.log and DISM.log. I am past my understanding here and am looking for help interpreting what is happening. The logs have been edited to pertain to just the instances that I ran them, so they are relatively brief. The CBS.log entries are dated later that the DISM.log because by the time I got to the CBS.log to edit it had become massively big and no longer contained the entries I was looking for.

Here are symptoms I am having on the chance there are other ideas:
  • Windows Explorer is sluggish or unresponsive. I can't determine situation that instigate this, but Windows will appear to work (i.e. switch between Desktop and Start, Charms show), but I cannot open programs, close programs, do anything in Windows Explorer.
  • Software (I primarily use Libre Office and Firefox on this computer, but I have seen it happen with others.) becomes unresponsive on opening. It appears that the program doesn't finish loading and pretty much the same thing happens as when Explorer stops working.
  • Task Manager extremely slow to start or doesn't start at all. In attempting to close an unresponsive program I try to get Task Manager to open and it won't.
  • Extremely slow Restart or Shut Down. Periodically, not necessarily when I have the above problems, when I Restart or Shut Down nothing happens. There is just a perpetual Restart or Shut Down screen. I have left it for a couple hours before to see it do nothing. Sometimes it will work, but very slow.
  • Windows 8 apps unresponsive. I don't use them too often, but more often than not Windows Store or Reader(and others) just won't open.
  • Sometimes the computer won't wake from sleep.
  • Windows Update sometimes fails to check or install updates. One update that is listed always fails.

Some stuff I've done in attempt to fix this:

Here is information about my computer:
Make: Acer V5-122P
Processor: AMD A6-1450
OS: Windows 8

I appreciate any help. Thank you.

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