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You're right, I'll just run WR! I had assumed that it was a bug and I was pointing it out to Shane but if it doesn't happen for other people, it's no big deal for me. If I ever find out why it's happening on my PC, I'll post in the forum.

Thanks again for your interest.......

OK, booted into safe mode,started WR tray icon, clicked on Backup Registry Now shortcut - exactly the same as booting normally, no registry repair created as far as I can see.........

I'll try it in safe mode when I get a chance, probably tomorrow.  I guess I'll have to start the icon manually once in safe mode.......

I'm using Avast Free and Malwarebytes Pro as my primary defenses BTW

Happy New Year!

OK, so I fired up the notebook today, logged in and left it to sort itself out while I made a cup of tea! When I checked the RegBackup folder in C: drive, Registry Backup had successfully made its daily backup as it's set to do.

I then clicked on the WR icon in the system tray and clicked on Backup Registry Now. After a few seconds, the Registry Backup window popped up and then quickly disappeared. 20 minutes later I checked the RegBackup folder and there's no sign of a new backup. I have RB set to only create one automatic backup per day but have successfully created another manual backup in the past on the same day from the RB tab in WR, as I would expect to be able to.

It's no big deal because I know now to avoid trying to create a registry backup from the system tray icon short cut as it works perfectly from within WR itself - but I think there may be a bug here?

I'm Running Windows Repair Pro 3.7.3

Thanks Boggin, I'll do some testing tomorrow when I can get back on my computer and see if I can find out more about what's happening.........

Hi Boggin,

I'm writing this on my tablet, so can't remember exactly the terminology - in the system tray, I clicked on the red Windows Repair icon and then the shortcut which appears above to Backup Registry, I think. This produced a quick "flash" of the Registry Backup window that promptly disappeared. No new registry backup appeared in the folder in the root of C: drive where the backups normally end up...........

My WR Pro is upgraded to 3.7.3.

Using Win 7 I've just opened the back up from the icon and it has created a back up which is in Windows(C: )

I think it best before making any changes you make to your system that you should create a system image rather than relying on getting back into your computer should things not go as planned.

If you have two external HDDs you can create each new one alternatively so that the previous one isn't over written should you need to go back to before the last image.

Thanks for that, Boggin, I'm on the latest WR Pro as well - strange that my RB works fine except when I try to invoke it from the System Tray. I'll play around some more when I've got time and see if I can find out why the shortcut seems not  to  work for me. Not a big deal as WR & RB work fine when run from the program.......

I'm with you all the way on the system images - I've used the paid version of Casper for years to create alternate bootable backups of the hard drive in my "mission critical" notebook to a pair of usb drives in enclosures so that if things go wrong I can swap out the hard drive and be up and running again in minutes. No doubt there are other imaging programs as good but it's never let me down and support is excellent.

Happy and safely backed up 2016!

Would someone who's running Windows 7 and has Windows Repair installed mind helping me by trying to run Registry Backup from the shortcut accessible from the icon in the system tray, then check to see if a backup has actually been created? Doesn't seem to work for me......


I've been making a few changes to my notebook recently to try to resolve a few minor problems. This has meant I've been making a registry backup manually before each significant change. I'm running WR v. 3.7.1 Pro incorporating Registry Backup v. 3.3.1. When I click on the WR icon in the system tray and then click on Backup Registry Now, there is a brief glimpse of the RB program before it disappears but no backup is carried out - there is no manual backup set created in the RegBackup folder in C: drive. If I open WR and then create a backup from the Step 5: Backup tab, the registry backup is created as expected. Automatic backups are also created on a daily basis.

I'm running Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1. Registry Backup is set to default to making a full Volume Shadow Copy, only defaulting to the Fallback Method if VSS fails.

Well crap, I had the settings.ini file in the update for the registry backup when it shouldnt have been. So when you did the update it overwrote it. I just removed it, so it wont happen again on the next update :-)

Thanks for letting me know.


Thanks for letting me know, Shane - thought I was having another senior moment. Great software, BTW - just applied the performance tweeks - made a significant improvement to my old laptop.

Thanks again,


- Did you install WR in the same folder or in a different/new (sub-)folder ?
- 1 copy per day is the default setting.
- RB tells you that it has reverted back to running under the/a User Account but RB hasn't change the info in Task Scheduler (TS). So, you need to manually change that setting once more to make the TS info consistent with what RB tells you.

I just updated WR via the update options within the program itself and it installed to the default folder, I guess - as I remember, it didn't give me any choice of folder. I'll modify RB task scheduler as you suggest - thanks for your feedback.

Have just updated from WR 3.6.1 to 3.6.3 and noticed that my settings have been changed to the defaults in Registry Backup (I did have the program set to only do 1 auto backup per day and always to run under System Account, but these seem to have reverted to default settings).

Thanks, Samson, the simplest suggestion in your link of changing the schedule of Windows Defrag seems to have worked for me - thank heavens I don't have to wade through some of the other somewhat scary solutions. I've actually turned off the automatic option in Defrag (I was pretty sure I'd done that before, but perhaps not) as I feel that it's not necessary to run it all that frequently and it's a real resource hog.

Stupid of me to blame Registry Backup for the error without trying to open Task Scheduler directly first - a bad case of "Post hoc ergo propter hoc".........

Thanks for the link, Samson. Plenty of food for thought there! I'll wade through it and try out some of the suggested fixes and report back........

Thanks for replying. Yes, I've done that already - the program says schedule created but when I click on Edit, Task Scheduler opens then displays the message in my post: "The selected task "(0)" no longer exists. To see the current task, click Refresh"

I've used Registry Backup successfully in the past to create Volume Shadow Copy backups both manually and on schedule. I recently purchased Windows Repair Pro (and very good it is too) and while I can successfully create manual backups using Registry Backups when starting Registry Backup (v 3.2.2) from within Windows Repair, I don't seem to be able to create a Registry Backup schedule. If I open settings and click on Edit Schedule I get the message: "The selected task "(0)" no longer exists. To see the current task, click Refresh". If I Click either Create or Delete Schedule I get an OK response.

I uninstalled my old version of Registry Backup when I installed Windows Repair Pro and I'm wondering if I may have caused a problem?

I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Feedback & Suggestions / Windows Repair
« on: October 01, 2015, 12:08:55 am »
Had been having persistent lockups,  BSODs and trouble updating Windows and Malwarebytes over a couple of weeks on  Windows 7 PC. For some reason, there were no Restore Points visible, so no help there. After eliminating the possibioity of virus or malware infection, with a lot of help from Patryk at Malwarebytes, i installed the Pro version of Windows Repair and after running it in Safe Mode a couple of times, all seems to be running smoothly, updates are working and Windows Restore Points are being created normally.

Great program - keep up the good work!

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