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Amen, 4.16 works perfect, no false positives.

Received clean bill of health from Defender.  Updated to 1.263.830.0 per instructions however, still fails showing error with irsetup.exe, defender does not like this installer. In safe mode w/networking I can download program and run it with no problem. I can also shut down defender's malware and use malwarebytes instead. I choose not to white list and will wait to see what happens. I will use safe mode w/networking to run tweaking which is how you are to run it in the first place.

I have Two desktops both up to date and running windows10 and using windows defender anti-virus. My xps420 has no problem with 4.0.15 however, my xps8700 does. Both have the latest updates.(1.263.824). I have submitted the v4.0.15 file to Windows Defender Security Intelligence and am currently awaiting the result analysis. I believe trojan:win32/ may very well be a false positive. If I try to run 4.0.14 I still show a false positive on my 8700 however, if I download 3.9.32 I have no problem with it. I hope Defender can give a definitive cause.  My problems began on 3/17/18 with windows defender security update 1.263.730, prior to that the new 4.0.15 ran great.

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