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Thank you for your suggestions.  DISM and sfc reported no issues.  After running chckdsk /f, the chkdsk log did not show any issues, but the wininit log showed in Staqe 5 "Correcting errors in the Volume Bitmap."  Winmgmt /verifyrepository said it was consistent.  So I re-ran Windows Repair in Safe Mode.  First time through, same error message "would not start in 30 secs."  I unchecked MDAC/MS Jet and re-ran.  This completed just fine.  Then I ran just MDAC.  Program hangs after about 10 minutes, stops at 65 process count.  I aborted it at 21 minutes. Tried it twice without results. Since Winmgmt seems to think there is no issue, why do you think the repair tool gets hung up?
BTW, during all this investigating, I found that Google Earth Updater was keeping my computer from going to sleep.  I uninstalled Google Earth and found that not only will Windows enter Sleep mode, but Windows Installer now behaves itself!  I guess Google Earth was calling on the installer for help?  But at least the problem seems fixed.  For now.

Running Windows 10 64-bit Home version 1909.  Been having trouble with Windows Installer which seemed to always be running and not available when I need it.  Ran Tweaking in safe mode and got the error message.  At first, it seemed to stall on MDAC/Jet, so I deselected that item and ran again but got the same error message.  So I checked only MDAC and ran that but got same error message.  I'm in safe mode and don't see anything running in Task Manager.  Any ideas?

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